Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Internal Medicine
80 Aviemore Court Suite B
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Leslie C. Murphy, MD
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512.50 every 3 months
1,025.00 every 6 months
2,050.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to provide excellent healthcare in a safe, willing environment with an emphasis on lifestyle, wellness and prevention.

Many diseases have their roots and etiologies in our lifestyle choices. I believe by encouraging and empowering patients and partnering with them we can continue together on a journey towards better health. I hope to be a part of a community of those who believe we can work towards better health by making better choices with food, exercise and lifestyle. With doing that we can reduce the cost of medicine in our lives and in our country, freeing those resources for things that really matter to us as individuals.
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Dr. Murphy's Credentials

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Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO
Internal Medicine 1996-1998

Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

Medical School:
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA
Doctorate of Medicine 1995

Clemson Univeristy
Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Science, Animal Science 1980
Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified Menopause Practitioner
Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
Clemson University
- National Dean's List
- Moorman Scholarship Recipient
- Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
- Gamma Sigma Delta Agriculture Honor Fraternity
Medical College of Georgia
- Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society
- Physician's Physician Award
- Ty Cobb Scholarship 1993-1995
- Medicine Academic Achievement Scholarship 1992-1994
- Deans Fellowship Research Grant
Research Assistant, ECG Lab/Cardiology Section,
Veteran's Administration Medical Center 1995-1997
Research Assistant, Allergy and Immunology,
Medical College of Georgia 1992
American College of Physicians
North American Menopause Association
North Carolina Medical Association
South Carolina
North Carolina
Women's Health Care
Preventive Medicine
Sports Medicine

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Murphy

from James in NC January 23, 2024 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

The moment Dr. Casey told me that I had a lesion on my right hip/femur area, I was in complete shock and denial. There were no indications of a problem like that, and I had gone there for a persistent muscular problem. After I called my wife, the very next call was to Dr. Murphy. She assured me that further tests were needed to confirm that and since I was otherwise healthy, there were… See more

from Gary in NC January 20, 2024 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Our doctor, Leslie Murphy, has been fighting ovarian cancer for the last 14 months, and besides losing her hair you would never know it because the quality of care has never diminished in one single way! Regardless of her own challenges that never interferes with the fantastic quality of care she offers, and we receive, in each, and every instance! While MDVIP seems to be a fairly good… See more

from Marcia in NC January 19, 2024 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Leslie is the best primary care physician we have ever had! We love having a "pit bull" in our corner when navigating health issues.
Not only does Leslie take personal interest in her patients, she is very conscientious and thorough. She instills confidence by using a combination of historical patient data and research coupled with an excellent bedside manner to build a team… See more

from Janet in NC March 29, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Prior to joining her practice with MDVIP, Leslie Murphy was a physician that I had only recently started seeing. I had pretty much decided against signing up for the “concierge” service, thinking it didn’t really matter one way or another. Then I got the call from Dr. Murphy saying my mammogram results had come back and asking how soon I could get to the radiologist for an ultra sound. She had… See more

from Elizabeth in NC March 25, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Paris was on the brink of escalating to Level 3 due to COVID-19, and I was texting Dr. Murphy asking for advice. I was visiting my best friend, but our worlds were suddenly upended. After hours of searching the internet and calling my university, I was even more confused about what might happen to me regarding quarantine and airport closures. I texted Dr. Murphy, and she responded instantly.… See more

from John in NC March 24, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
Image provided by: John


It has been almost three years since my wife passed away. To say that she was the love of my life would probably be an understatement. Parkinson’s Disease was the primary cause of her death. She was hospitalized in a critical care unit for the last six months of her life. During that time I watched the loving care that Doctor Murphy showed for my wife. She was so… See more

from Charlene in NC March 16, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Dr. Murphy is an excellent doctor, pro-active with her care, and always up-to-the minute on healthcare and medicine. I have been with Dr. Murphy since she began with MDVIP and though her care prior to that was great, MDVIP has allowed her to be the doctor she wanted to be, taking the time she wanted to take with patients, giving them as much time and care as she feels they need. I know when… See more

from Patrick in NC March 15, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
Image provided by: Patrick

My wife and I have been clients of Leslie Murphy for about seven years. She, her staff and MDVIP have been a match made in heaven. Prior to changing to her practice, I was being seen by a large practice MD and was lucky to get 15 minutes every six months. Usually during what they call a physical. Our twice annual physical are now routinely several hours in length with detailed explanations of… See more

from Bill in NC March 13, 2020 for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

Dr. Murphy’s thoroughness and thoughtfulness are important factors in making her one of the very best doctors my wife and I have ever had but her ability to ensure specialists deliver for her patients has made a critical difference in our lives. Dr. Murphy is a great example of why the MDVIP program works.