Trip Refund

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| February, 11 2024 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD

I was scheduled for a trip to Egypt in December (2023) and fortunately had purchased flight insurance when I booked the trip in 2022. Over the course of last year, I had visited two doctors specializing in feet issues with the most recent appointment on October 2nd. This orthopedist recommended surgery, which would have a recovery time of 9 months. On October 7th war between Hamas and Israel erupted. My decision was to cancel my trip, and I would not be able to use a trip credit through the trip insurance since it would have to be used within one year. Knowing that the primary reason for canceling was my concern over walking with my heel bone spur, I asked Dr. Murphy to write a letter to the trip insurance provider documenting my efforts to get my foot issue resolved. I was worried that the insurance company would try to say that my cancellation reason (health related) was secondary to not wanting to visit the war area during my trip. Dr. Murphy handled the situation extremely well, and I now have a trip refund vs. a trip credit. Thank you, Dr. Leslie Murphy.