Parking Lot Exam Room

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| February, 11 2024 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
Image provided by: Karen

On January 2 of this year, I woke up very, very sick with a fever, vomiting, aches and pains, and SUPER congestion. After trying my best to treat my symptoms for a few hours and complete a negative COVID test, I had my husband call our PCP, Dr. Leslie Murphy and left a message with the receptionist about my condition. In no time, the office returned the call and put Dr. Murphy on the line. She suggested I either had the flu or COVID as both were rampant in our community. She ask me to come to the office. I told her I was too sick to dress and come up. Dr. Murphy told me to just have my husband drive me up to her office and for me to call her when we were close to the parking lot. She said to come the way I was -- no make-up and in my pajamas and robe if necessary. I did just as she instructed. As we drove up to her office, she and her nurse came out of the building and to my side of the car. They proceeded to swab my nose, take my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. Then they returned to the office and ask my husband to wait for a few minutes. When they returned, Dr. Murphy informed me that I did in fact have COVID. Dr. Murphy had her nurse give me an injection to settle my stomach (which worked in 60 minutes) and she provided me complete instructions on what I should do over the coming week. She also informed me she had already called in a script for Paxlovid to start immediately. She then went to my husband's side of the car and told him he would probably contract COVID from me and what he should watch for.

This is the first time in my 70 years that I had a physician so concerned for my health that they actually came out into the parking lot to treat me when I really felt too bad for an office visit. After I was feeling better, I made a special effort to thank Dr. Murphy and her entire staff with homemade baked goods for the
outstanding care and concern they provided on Janaury 2 AND every time we are in need of medical care. My husband and I have actually considered moving from this community but we know that we could never find such a fabulous and caring doctor and staff as we have with Dr. Murphy and company!