Eli R. Hallal, MD

Family Medicine
2 Silvercrest Drive Suite 100
New Albany, IN 47150 Get Directions
Eli R. Hallal, MD
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Annual Membership Fee

450.00 every 3 months **
900.00 every 6 months **
1,800.00 each year **

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I've been in family practice for over 40 years. I am thankful God has blessed me with good health. I enjoy taking care of my patients and helping them to attain and maintain optimal health. My smaller MDVIP-affiliated practice will allow me to continue working and focus on personalized care for you.
I want to spend extra time with my patients to find deeper problems and concerns, as well as to intercede before the development of a disease progresses. My goal is to diagnose problems early and manage them with better outcomes.
I love taking care of my patients and practicing medicine. It's why I became a doctor. MDVIP gives us the tools - proven programs, advanced testing, data and procedures - to better diagnose problems and prevent new ones.
I will be available for same-day appointments and can be contacted anytime through the MDVIP Connect portal. I believe this model affords us, patient and doctor, an ideal quality of care. I look forward to serving you.