Dr. Eli Hallal is the best!

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| February, 13 2024 | for Eli R. Hallal, MD
Image provided by: Eddie

Dr. Hallal has been my husband's doctor for years. He is also my husband's friend. When Dr. Hallal joined MDVIP, my husband, Eddie Adams immediately signed up to be a part of it. Dr. Hallal has always been there for Ed through various health problems, arthritic knees, COVID, diverticulosis, and more. His true colors have shown, though, since August 5, 2023 when my husband fell onto parking lot pavement, fractured his skull and had a brain bleed and subsequently seizures. Ed was transported to St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis and was in that hospital until September 18. Dr. Hallal travelled to Indianapolis to visit him and to check on him. When Ed was transferred to Harrison Springs Health Campus in Corydon, IN, Dr. Hallel drove from his office to visit him there and to check on his progress and health. He has visited several times, and my husband is always overjoyed to see him. He has made suggestions about his care, and the facility's nurses listen to him and work to carry out his suggestions.
I consider Dr. Hallal the epitome of a caring family doctor. I am so glad my husband stayed with him when he joined MDVIP. Dr. Hallal deserves all the kudos he receives.