Dr. Hallal - A Family Doctor in the Truest Sense

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| February, 24 2024 | for Eli R. Hallal, MD

Dr. Hallal truly fits the definition of a "family doctor." My father was a pharmacist and was one of Dr. Hallal's first patients in town. Why? Dad said Dr. Hallal treated him with such respect and kindness at the drugstore and on the phone. Dad recounted the time when there was a long line at the prescription counter, and Dad told Dr. Hallal he did not have to wait in line. Dr. Hallal declined, saying he would wait his turn like everyone else. This is just one of the many stories my family could tell about Dr. Hallal who was a doctor to my dad and mom, two of my aunts and an uncle, some of my cousins, and now for me and for my husband.

How wonderful to have a doctor who has that "family doctor" legacy. The fact that he knows our family history makes the doctor - patient bond one of trust and comfort. Dr. Hallal embodies that adage of "treating the patient, not just the disease." He is empathetic and a good listener. His staff is so kind and caring--they are almost like family to us, too. My husband and I are able to get appointments quickly, and Dr. Hallal returns phone calls immediately regarding health care concerns. This is so important right now since my husband is battling cancer and facing several serious health challenges. Dr. Hallal is extremely knowledgeable, and with his wealth of experience, he is able to administer the proper care as well as give wise counsel.

My husband and I are so very thankful to have Dr. Hallal as our family physician.