Dr. Eli Halal is the Best !

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| February, 23 2024 | for Eli R. Hallal, MD
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I used to hear my parents speak of the family Drs . many years ago , who got their horse and buggy ready , and went to their sick patients home to help them with their illness. The loyalty these good Drs. Patients felt was very deep , as if the Dr was one of their precious family members . The good Dr. had gone far out of his way , sacrificed , and was so very dedicated to help people he cared so much . I feel I still have my Dr. Halal , in modern time , who is just that dedicated , and he will make sacrifices to be there when people really need him . If you are very ill, he will even talk to you on a weekend to help you get thru your illness . Dr. Halal is one of the most caring , unselfish Drs. I have ever seen , in which he is always with that sincere , calming , caring voice - and NEVER getting angry at you for taking his time . He also makes a person feel safe , with his great values and strength , and will go far out of his way to help you ; , with his strong sincerity , integrity, intelligence , honesty , trustfworthiness , reliability and patience for another very important human being Every one I know Loves Dr Halal . THANK YOU SO much for being there !