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Internal Medicine
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Kate B. Wilson, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to manage and anticipate your unique healthcare needs. As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, I will partner with you on a personal level to help you achieve the optimal health we all value. We will closely collaborate on what it takes to stay on the path to wellness. You will feel welcomed by the relaxed, individualized attention you will receive from everyone in our office.

Welcoming Dr. Celeste Peterson

Dr. Celeste Peterson has joined my practice to help see patients. Learn more about her in the video below.

Dr. Wilson's Credentials

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University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
Internal Medicine 2002-2004

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

Medical School:
University of Louisville School of Medicine
Louisville, KY
Doctorate of Medicine 2001

University of Louisville School of Dentistry
Louisville, KY
Doctor of Dental Medicine 1979

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
Bachelor of Science, Medical Technology 1974

St. Mark's Hospital
Intermountain Healthcare
Utah Medical Insurance Association Underwriting Committee 2008-present
Marovan Lagoon Medical Mission, Solomon Islands 2008-2010
Board of Kentucky Medical Association Resident and Fellow Section 2001-2003
President, AMA-KMA Medical Student Section, University of Louisville 1999
Chairman, Infection Control Committee, Central State Hospital 1984-1990
President, Southern Association of Institutional Dentists 1984
Peer Review Committee, Kentucky Dental Association 1980
President, Kentucky Association of Women Dentists 1980
Depression as an Indicator of Successful Dental Intervention in the Home Bound Elderly, San Diego, CA 2004
Poster Presentation: International Association of Dental Research, San Diego, CA 2002

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Wilson

from Kimberlee in UT March 21, 2023 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Dr Wilson has treated me for almost 20 years. She has always encouraged me to follow good health practices. I have to say I have not always done so. I know she has always had my health for most in all my treatments and health plans. I feel very fortunate to be able to not only call her my physician but also a friend.
She sets the example for all her patients. She hikes, travels, is… See more

from Rosemary in UT August 3, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Unfortunately I will no longer be one of Dr Kate’s patients because I have moved too far away, but I wanted to post my appreciation for all her good care over the years. I was lucky to already be one of her patients when she went to the MDVIP model, because her roster filled up very fast. I never regretted paying the premium for this privilege. Although in person you would not think I am… See more

from Margo in UT March 30, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

I was so sick! Dr. Kate was my husband's doctor but not mine "yet". She was checking on me and giving my husband suggestions. She called in an infusion for me which made all the difference. Needless to say, I signed up as soon as I was able.
She also treated our father during the last few years of his life and made the experience so much better than it could've… See more

from Michelle in UT March 13, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Kate is so much more than just an MD. That would be more than enough on its own. She is compassionate, listens to concerns, follows up on issues, keeps me in line and truly feels like my friend. She keeps abreast of new trends in disease identification, treatments, even holistic treatments, and shares all of it with her patients. This is invaluable to all of us. I make my mother and… See more

from Ellen in UT March 12, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Dr. Kate Wilson is the best doctor I have ever had. I had a sinus infection/toothache on Christmas Eve. She was on the phone with me at midnight trying to help. She called pharmacies on Christmas Day to see that I had antibiotics and pain relief. She also diagnosed my lung cancer and arranged for me to see a top specialist within a week of my diagnosis. She treats my disabled son with kindness… See more

from Jennifer in UT March 10, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Mid January 2019 and I am feeling a bit queasy all day-worked from home, thinking stomach flu. Start having more pain through the day, maybe appendicitis? Text my doc, Kate Wilson around 7 pm and give some details, she is not too alarmed as I don't really present with appendicitis symptoms, but she has me set up to come in the following morning. Around 11 pm I tell my husband the pain is… See more

from Milou in UT March 10, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD
Image provided by: Milou

There is no story. I was lucky enough to meet Dr Kate Wilson and have been a loyal patient of hers for many years. Then when she joined as a MD VIP Doctor I willingly joined. Best thing I ever did.

from DeAnn in UT March 10, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Where do I start. I had so many issues after my parathyroid surgery. Everything that could have gone wrong did. I couldn’t speak. My vocal chords were stretched, while searching for a wayward parathyroid. Two days after coming back from surgery, I had the worst case of gout in my right big toe. Dr. Wilson was out of the country. She was on my side the entire time through messaging and email.… See more

from Sudhir in UT March 28, 2018 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Really do not know what I would do without Dr. Kate Wilson. We live part time in Mexico; also, I travel extensively all around the world. Dr Kate is ALWAYS available. I remember one time when I was in China. I had a situation that warranted a call to her. It was Saturday night in Salt Lake City; she picked up the phone as though I was calling during normal business hours! This is just one… See more

from Jane in UT March 6, 2018 for Kate B. Wilson, MD
User submitted photo

Dr. Kate Wilson is not only an amazing doctor, but she has become my confidant, friend, and support system. She is available to me 24/7, although I do not want to take advantage of that. Kate listens to me with sincerity and never makes me feel that I am on a time clock. Whatever I tell Kate, she listens to me, hears me, cares about my feelings, even if its about something she doesnt quite get… See more