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| February, 29 2024 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Kathleen B. (Dr. Kate) Wilson. In the past, I have written testimonials about this marvelous doctor and her over-the-top care, advice, attention to detail; her offer to come to my home when I tested positive for Influenze A; referring me to best surgeons and cancer care. The ways in which she has improved my life (80 years old in May) -- have been detailed before. Let me just say that in every facet of my life -- diet, nutrition, exercise, medication; referring me to the best surgeons -- she has extended herself and her vast knowledge to care for me and has played an essential and positive role. I must not be very good at story telling, because she should have won top honors long ago.

Just thinking about some of the injuries I have sustained in the past 10 years (broken bones, surgeries), I know I would be in a wheelchair and residing in assisted living (not dancing around right now) but for Dr. Kate.