Best Doctor Ever

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| February, 23 2024 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

My doctor is Kate Wilson, MD in Salt Lake City, UT and there are many reasons why I think she is wonderful. She will listen to what my complaints or fears are and always has a way of assuaging my concerns without ever making me feel stupid. She's always giving me good advice on how to be more healthy which is something most of my friends do not get from their doctors. For example, instead of just telling me that I should get more protein at my age she follows it up with an article about why I need it and a list of some common foods that will provide protein. I like that she has a good sense of humor and makes me feel comfortable during exams. She explains all my labs to let me know what each test means. She is thorough and I really do feel I'm being taken care of as she will even call me at home to give me some information or test results. I appreciate that she is my advocate. When I was having bad side effects from bone strengthening pills she got my reluctant insurance company to pay for infusions instead. I am especially amazed how she keeps up with the literature so she can help me make informed medical decisions. You might think that all doctors are like Dr. Kate-they should be but I've never had one like her and none of my family nor friends do either. They are always amazed when I tell them things she has told me or done for me and I'm always shocked to hear things about their doctors. They all wish they lived here so they could go to her too! She is definitely in a class of her own and I feel very lucky and thankful that she is my doctor!! She IS the best doctor ever!