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| March, 20 2024 | for Kate B. Wilson, MD

There are good doctors, very good doctors and there are over-the-top excellent doctors. Dr. Kate Wilson is in the exceptional over-the-top excellent category. There has been on occasion that I had texted her about a particular medical issue, and she has called me back on the same day at 10:00 that same night with her expert advice. I have a congenital VSD that has been monitored for years by my cardiologist. Kate had changed my statin to Rosuvastatin from Pravastatin. On an appointment with my cardiologist. My cardiologist was glad she had done that. I also shared with him my end of year Cleveland HealthAssessment which was all green. He immediately wanted a copy of it! I also have adult onset asthma. I see a specialist for my asthma. When reviewing the yearly Cleveland Health Assessment, I was unaware that my tachacardia was elevated slightly by taking Symbicort. My asthma doctor didn’t have a clue or didn’t advise me that could be a symptom. The importance of protein in one’s diet as we age is so important. Dr. Wilson emphasizes this along with good nutrition, but particularly getting enough protein. Dr. Wilson, in the summertime, plans hikes for her patients in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains adjacent to Salt Lake City. And, this year she planned a Saturday yoga session. These are just a few examples of what Dr. Wilson means to me as a patient. She is an outstanding doctor, and a wonderful human being.