William A. Wilson, MD, PC

Internal Medicine
9261 Old Keene Mill Road
Burke, VA 22015 Get Directions
William A. Wilson, MD, PC

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is for my patients to experience an exceptional level of care with compassion and dignity. More time to listen and understand the needs and concerns of my patients allows me to work closely with them to personalize the management of their care and optimize their wellness.

Dr. Wilson's Credentials

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University of South Florida Affiliated Hospitals
Tampa, FL

University of South Florida Affiliated Hospitals
Tampa, FL

Medical School:
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry 1978

Diplomate, The Federation of State Medical Boards (Flex)
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Fairfax Hospital
Washington Consumers Checkbook, Top Rated Primary Care Physicians 2006
Associate, American College of Physicians
Phi Beta Kappa
Medical Society Northern Virginia 1990-2005
Indiana, Florida & Virginia

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Wilson

from Barbara Joyce in VA March 10, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

In 2010 I had lithotripsy to break up a large kidney stone in my left kidney. All went well with the surgery. A few weeks later I started feeling ill with flu like symptoms. I had a fever, was lethargic and had all the symptoms of the flu. As the days went by, I felt worse and finally my husband said I needed to see Dr. Wilson. After examining me, Dr. Wilson became suspicious that my… See more

from Jack in VA March 10, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

I truly appreciate the excellent care that Dr. Wilson and his staff provide me year in and year out. They always go the extra mile to help me to get the best health care. Dr. Wilson answers all my questions and concerns during every visit to his office, I feel my wellness over the years is directly due to his knowledge of my medical history and immediate needs. I appreciate his friendship and… See more

from Laura in VA February 29, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

I was not a fan of going to the Doctor in general, but my husband's good friend had raved about his PCP so often that he asked for the Doctor's contact information. Little did we know how we would need that number, in what turned out to be lifesaving for me. I was not feeling well and stayed home from work, which concerned my husband because I was rarely sick, and when the day home… See more

from Ken in VA January 18, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

I told Dr. William A Wilson that my cardiologist wanted me to get an iron infusion. Dr Wilson wanted to understand the root cause of the problem and did extensive blood tests. When the results came in he referred me to a doctor that specialized in blood disorders. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

from Michael P in VA January 18, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC
Image provided by: Michael P

Dr. Wilson, Marty & Fatema--

I sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you have given me over the past ten years. You are not just professionals with great competence in all you do, you are also very caring and empathetic concerning all my various health challenges over the years. It is such a reassurance to me to have you in my corner.

With your thoughtful care and counsel,… See more

from John in VA January 18, 2024 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

It was mid-January, bitterly cold, and I had an appointment with my MDVIP doctor William A. Wilson. Ahead of me he had an appointment with an elderly male patient. The patient’s wife entered the office to inform the nurse that her husband would not leave the car. I watched Dr. Wilson leave his office, put on his coat, and walk into the parking lot. He opened the car door, knelt down, and for… See more

from Jack in VA March 18, 2020 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

I truly appreciate the concern and caring that Dr. Wilson and his staff have shown me for over 30 years. His advice and study of my health has been invaluable to me and my family. My good health is a testament to his consistent care and understanding of my needs as a patient. 

from Dennis in VA March 12, 2020 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

Dr Wilson and I go back more than three decades; he provides the PCP role for me and members of my family. We are repeatedly blessed to have his extraordinary, timely medical care and advice. Because of his applied knowledge and attentiveness to detail, we have had many potentially serious medical issues recognized early and resolved. Dr. William Wilson is an icon for his profession -- a… See more

from Michael P in VA March 12, 2020 for William A. Wilson, MD, PC
Image provided by: Michael P

Dr. William Wilson of Burke Va is an outstanding physician. Full stop.

He is caring, thorough, insightful and a superb communicator. I cannot praise him highly enough, and the same goes to his staff.

When I first became his patient 7 years ago, I was in very poor health. Without going into details, Dr. Wilson acted quickly, professionally and aggressively to get me back on track… See more

Fatema Asmati, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. William Wilson in Burke, VA, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcomed, valued and loved.

“The person who is most impactful See more