I'm Alive Because of Dr. William Wilson

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| February, 29 2024 | for William A. Wilson, MD, PC

I was not a fan of going to the Doctor in general, but my husband's good friend had raved about his PCP so often that he asked for the Doctor's contact information. Little did we know how we would need that number, in what turned out to be lifesaving for me. I was not feeling well and stayed home from work, which concerned my husband because I was rarely sick, and when the day home from work turned into several days, he said he though he should make an appointment for me to see Dr. Wilson, and I agreed. So we went, and within minutes of meeting Dr. Wilson and him doing an initial assessment, he said "I am sending you to the ER." I said "My husband can drive me" and he responded "No, you'll go in an ambulance." I was pretty quickly diagnosed with an aneurysm, and had surgery two days later, and here I am seven years later, alive and happy! Dr. Wilson, Martie and Fatema are the most wonderful, caring and helpful people in the world. They truly care about each of their patients, and I am more than grateful my husband got Dr. Wilson's phone number from his friend. Dr. Wilson is the best!