MDVIP Ambassador Fatema Asmati

William A. Wilson, MD, PC
By William A. Wilson, MD, PC
August 17, 2018

Fatema Asmati, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. William Wilson in Burke, VA, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcomed, valued and loved.

“The person who is most impactful in my life is Dr. Wilson. We have worked together for 24 years and continue to learn from him every day.” -- Fatema Asmati

Noteworthy Nominations:

Fatema Asmati is the ideal health care professional. She is empathetic, competent, knowledgeable and friendly. Her smile is infectious, and her warmth is legendary. Each encounter I have had with her has been a joy. Her good nature is a credit to MDVIP. It is not possible to overstate her effectiveness in her role. If laughter is the best medicine, she is the best medicine I have ever had! 
--Patient of Dr. Wilson 

When my aunt was alive, she was hospitalized for a health issue. Fatema, went to visit my aunt at the hospital after working all day. That meant more than one can imagine. It is rare that people go the extra mile and perform a random act of kindness, but that is Fatema. Her visit provided comfort and joy to my aunt. Fatema Asmati is the Mary Poppins of Practice Ambassadors because she is practically perfect in every way.
--Patient of Dr. Wilson 

I’ve known Fatema Asmati for 30 years. She is always friendly, greets each patient by name and makes them feel special. She recalls details of past visits that clearly exemplifies how much she cares about patient’s feelings. She ensures we receive the best possible medical care. My wife recently needed an EKG immediately. Since the office was closed for renovations, Fatema came to our home to take blood work and perform the EKG. Not many people receive that kind of care. She clearly deserves this award.
--Patient of Dr. Wilson

There are many words to describe Ms. Asmati as a patient-focused professional, but the long-term, caring she has provided in response to the untimely death of my son is going the extra mile. Her consistently thoughtful understanding of my loss over the past 7 years has been uplifting and supportive. Her remembrance of the anniversary date of his death has proved a very comforting part of the grieving process. Yes, she truly does contribute to my physical and emotional well-being. 
--Patient of Dr. Wilson 

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