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Over the past few days, the Food and Drug Administration has changed course around antibody testing for COVID-19. Previously, the FDA was requiring companies to notify the agency if they were marketing serology testing. Now the agency is focusing on Emergency Use Authorizations for testing… See more
There are an emerging amount of IgG and IgM antibody tests for COVID-19 that are being developed and presented to clinicians. Currently, the most widely used method for diagnosing COVID-19 is the standard M PCR. This test is the most sensitive testing method and can identify the virus before… See more
In order to achieve rapid testing for COVID-19, the Food and Drug Administration is shifting some responsibility to states and providing more specific details for commercial and laboratory manufacturers. The FDA is adapting as the situation evolves. States can now be responsible for tests… See more
The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners are organizing a massive study to compare untested treatments for COVID-19 in multiple countries. “This large, international study is designed to generate the robust data we need to show which treatments are the most effective”, said WHO chief Dr.… See more
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