• Enjoy practicing medicine on your own terms
  • Get the time you need to truly know and help your patients
  • Thoroughly research each member case and administer the most effective course of treatment
  • Apply the latest medical advances and technologies
  • Bring about positive change in every aspect of patients’ lives instead of focusing only on symptoms
  • Receive support from a nationally renowned network of referral and second opinion experts

How It Works

The days of rushed office visits, overcrowded waiting rooms and quick diagnoses come to an end with MDVIP. Once you are part of the MDVIP network you become one of a few hundred doctors carefully selected for your expertise and passion for medicine.

All MDVIP-affiliated physicians care for 600 patients or fewer, allowing you to focus more time on each and every patient. In addition, you have the freedom to put preventive care first, always guiding patients to make the best possible healthcare decisions in their everyday lives.

As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, you will begin to see the positive effects that this model can have on your patients’ lives, and you are likely to feel the difference in your own life as well.

Take the first step with MDVIP

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