The MDVIP Corporate Wellness program offers an annual wellness exam and yearlong wellness coaching with a private doctor, so your executives and employees always receive the highest level of care and service 365 days a year. Whether you offer MDVIP as an employee healthcare benefit that is completely or partially covered, our model of care will boost wellness and help enhance productivity.

Additional Benefits

  • Traveling executives and employees can visit any MDVIP-affiliated doctor in the area
  • Receive a quick referral to a specialist for any specific medical needs
  • Get same-day or next-day appointments that start on time to reduce out-of-office time for employees

Our innovative approach to primary care works. MDVIP has demonstrated significant reductions in hospitalizations and hospital readmissions, strong results in keeping health conditions under control and consistently high customer satisfaction scores. Based on our impressive results, more and more companies are choosing MDVIP for their Executive Wellness program, Employee Wellness program or Condition Management program.

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