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April 5, 2020
After months of telling everyone that only the sick needed to wear protective face masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention switch course on April 3 and announced that people should wear… See more
April 3, 2020
There are an emerging amount of IgG and IgM antibody tests for COVID-19 that are being developed and presented to clinicians. Currently, the most widely used method for diagnosing COVID-19 is the… See more
Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD
April 2, 2020
Some people are naturally prone to anxiety; others are naturally prone to depression. This is a trying time for my patients on both ends of the spectrum. But make no mistake: COVID-19 can take an… See more
Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD
March 31, 2020
Every day we learn more about this dangerous new coronavirus, which is great news for scientists and for all of us, since we are all potentially at risk of infection. We may not yet be able to… See more
Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD
March 28, 2020
The new coronavirus is taking its toll on our collective mental health. Worn out, angry, worried, confused: These are just some of the emotions my patients feel. I’m sure these apply to many of you… See more
March 25, 2020
Everybody everywhere seems to have a friend, spouse or colleague who claims to know “the truth” about COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. But right now there are probably just two… See more
March 25, 2020
In order to achieve rapid testing for COVID-19, the Food and Drug Administration is shifting some responsibility to states and providing more specific details for commercial and laboratory… See more
March 24, 2020
The number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. are in the tens of thousands and rising — at this point, all 50 states have reported cases. Because it is spreading fast – and testing has lagged – many… See more
March 24, 2020
Although it’s not part of every COVID-19 diagnosis, some patients are reporting the loss of smell as a symptom of the virus, according to… See more
March 23, 2020
You’re probably supposed to be at home, hunkering down during the coronavirus outbreak. But you have to go out for groceries or take out. How do you protect yourself? If you’re in a high-risk group… See more
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