Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

Family Medicine
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Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The guiding principle in my practice of family medicine is to treat each patient as a unique and complete person, looking at their specific disease risk and medical conditions, and form a strong partnership with them to carry out a plan that will improve their health and minimize their risk of serious illness. I am passionate about using a combination of traditional medicine in tandem with evidence-based, safe alternative therapies tailored to the puzzle that is each patient. I enjoy the unhurried appointments I have in my practice as I am able to develop a close relationship with each patient as we work together to achieve their health goals. My MDVIP-affiliated practice also offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices.

I offer patients a blend of expertise in family medicine & geriatrics combined with a knowledge of cutting-edge, preventive anti-aging & regenerative medicine strategies. In addition to benefiting from the full spectrum of conventional primary care services at my clinic, my personalized healthcare patients, both men and women, often avail of the additional bio-identical hormone management, weight management and pain management options I offer - all under one roof. As a personal doctor serving the Oklahoma City & Edmond communities, I am dedicated to anticipating and managing all of your unique health care needs in a warm, compassionate and professional way.

Dr. Barreto's Credentials

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University of Oklahoma Health Sciences
Oklahoma City, OK
Geriatric Medicine 2002-2003

St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency
Oklahoma City, OK
Family Medicine 1999-2002

Medical School:
Madras Medical College
Madras, India 
Doctorate of Medicine 1991

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London and London School of Economics
London, UK
Master of Science, Health Services Management 1993

American Board of Family Medicine
American Board of Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
St. Anthony Hospital
Mercy Health Center
Deaconess Hospital
Expert Speaker, Medical Weight Management and Treatment of Obesity, Orexigen 2015-present
Lead Clinical Researcher, Memorial Clinical Research 2003-present
Barreto, A. et al- Cytokine 81 (2016) 137-141 – A Method to induce Interleukin: 1 Receptor Antagonist Protein from autologous whole blood
Barreto, A. et al- Journal of Orthopedics 14 (2017) 4-9 – A new treatment for osteoarthritis: Clinical evidence for the efficacy of Arthrokinex™ autologous conditioned serum
Fellow, American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
American Academy of Family Medicine
American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain
Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Interventional Techniques, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
American Society of Bariatric Physicians

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Barreto

from Donald February 13, 2020 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

I have never been treated as well at a doctors office as at Dr. Barretos office.
Everyone one was friendly and helpful and no doctor has ever spent as much time asking questions and listening. I felt very comfortable there and felt very trusting of her recommendations.

from James February 13, 2020 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

Dr Angelique Barreto is a very talented, smart, knowledgable physician who cares for each patient and knows each patient. I really like that she focuses on healthy, natural alternatives first and foremost for treatment and puts everything in its proper perspective. MDVIP does have some unique programs that insurance carriers do not offer or would not pay for. For quality care, especially in… See more

from Paula Jayne March 20, 2019 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

The greatest amount of gratitude I have for my physician and the staff when I was so very ill with osteomyelitis. I was turned away from the ER twice due to not meeting protocol. She was right at my side on the second ER visit. She explained to the ER her diagnoses. To MRI, to my room with pic line in place, correct medications, out of my mind with pain and unable to walk or care for myself,… See more

from Robert (Bob) February 27, 2019 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

I have been blessed to have been associated with Dr. Barreto for over 12-13 years. I have always been highly satisfied and personally motivated by her approach to personal health. She introduced me to establish a stronger commitment in taking an accountability of my own health. With her strength in medicine and her interpretation of health flags needed for improvement; I have come a long way… See more

from Tonya February 19, 2019 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

I have the best doctor, period. She was the best before MDVIP and because of this I followed her into this program. Because I'm in relatively good health, I don't have to visit her often. But there is peace of mind in knowing that if the occasion should arise, I'm in the best hands possible.

from Sharon February 13, 2019 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

I am currently in remission for cancer and my faith in the medical profession was extremely low. I was searching for someone that would manage the resulting health issues from my cancer treatment while also being proactive in preventive medicine. I thank God for placing Dr. Barreto into my life as she has truly been a God send. When you end your cancer treatments, you are exhausted from… See more

from Sheryl April 16, 2018 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc
User submitted photo

What began as a serendipitous meeting has turned into many years of happy service. I just wish I didnt have to see her or Michelle only when I am sick. LOL! I feel they listen to me. Its the way I am treated like Im intelligent.