Stephen A. Hilty, MD

Internal Medicine
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Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal in primary care is to keep my attention centered on what is best for each patient. I strive to listen attentively and to allow patients time to describe their symptoms, tell me their story and share their goals and health concerns so that I can understand each patient’s unique situation. I then look for ways to partner with my patients to teach them in a personalized way how to best improve their personal health and well-being. I value continuity of care as I sense it often leads to a deeper, more meaningful, trusting relationship with my patients. I am also committed to staying abreast of the wide array of medical advances so that when it is appropriate I can apply the best that modern medicine has to offer to my patients. In sum, few things are more fulfilling and satisfying than being a part of helping someone adopt a healthy lifestyle or overcome or manage an illness and regain confidence, happiness and fulfillment in their life.

Dr. Hilty's Credentials

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University of California, San Francisco Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program
San Francisco, CA

University of California, San Francisco Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program
San Francisco, CA

Medical School:
Dartmouth Medical School
Hanover, NH
Doctorate of Medicine 1995

Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1990
Magna Cum Laude

National Board of Medical Examiners
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
French Hospital Medical Center
Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
University of California, San Francisco
- Jeffrey Weingarten Award, Internal Medicine Residency Program 1998
Dartmouth Medical School
- Dean's Medal 1995
- Upjohn Achievement Award 1995
- Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society 1994
- Rolf C. Syvertsen Scholar 1994
Occidental College
- Mortar Board, National Honor Society of College Seniors 1989-1990
- Phi Beta Kappa, Academic Honor Society 1989
- Daniel Stuart Hammack Award 1989
Hearst Cancer Resource Center Advisory Board 2008-present
Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
- End-of-Life Care Pathway 2006-2010
- Chief of Medicine 2002-2004
University of California, San Francisco
- Longitudinal Clinical Elective Preceptor 1997
- Family and Community Medicine Preceptor 1990-1991
Dartmouth Medical School
- Student Representative, New Directions Curriculum Committee 1994-1995
- Student Representative, Curriculum Committee 1991-1993
Northeast Group on Educational Affairs Conference on Medical Education in Quebec, Canada
- Student Representative 1993
Occidental College
- Member, Community Outreach Committee Chair, Mortar Board 1989-1990
- Member, Peer Review Board 1978-1988
American College of Physicians 1998-present
California Medical Society 1998-present
San Luis Obispo County Medical Society Association 1998-present
Tennis, backpacking and hiking
from Ginny in CA March 2, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

You have been my doctor long before you joined MDVIP and their goal of illness prevention has been your focus for me the past 18 years. You also know me and my history. Once when I was out of town and ended up in the hospital, I only thought to call you after discharge. If I had called you before and utilized your expertise, I might have saved myself a lot of stress. I have always felt you… See more

from elana in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

I am so blessed to have Dr. Hilty as my physician. He follows up my appointments with personal phone calls to see if there has been resolution. He offers many
group opportunities for health and wellness, such as Take a Walk with the Doctor. He has also arranged for me to meet with a nutritionist. My health has never been better. I know I still have challenges (lowering my weight and… See more

from Cathy in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

I want to thank Dr. Hilty for his time and patience. Knowing I am against invasive procedures he manages to help in other ways. He has helped me better my health with diet and exercise. If not for him I would probably not go to a doctor. Thank you for your understanding and concern.

from Kathy and Roger in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

Were so appreciative of your caring attitude and support! Its comforting to know youre there for us and when we need to see you we can. Were fortunate to know you and have you for our doc!

from Hal in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

Thank you Steve for helping me move around the tennis court the same as I did 15 years ago! I know I'm in great hands whenever I need you!!!
You're the best!

from KEVIN in CA February 28, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

Dr. Steve Hilty is the best ! He cares for for my wife, Kitty and I as individuals and is always available. The BEST !

from Deronda in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

We really like having Dr. Stephen Hilty as our doctor because he is always interested in helping us with or our medical need. He is so great when we are traveling in our RV and we need assistance with medical information etc. He makes sure we are able to get our appointment each year that will fit with out travel schedule. For that we truly THANK him.

from Marion in CA March 1, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

I don't get to see Dr. Hilty very often because he has taken (and is taking) such good care of me - which is both a blessing and a downright shame! Whenever I do meet with him, I think of him as a friend - thoughtful, fully engaged, patient, knowledgeable and reliable. I feel so fortunate to have the best doctor in town.

from Astrid in CA February 28, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

MDVIP is not of that much interest. I doubt that Steve Hilty needs all the tests to know exactly how healthy I am or not. He's brilliant, can be a nag when it's needed, and likes exactitude. He has changed his approach from diagnosing illness to promoting and keeping wellness. He is kind, and sometimes a bit curious.

from Beverly in CA February 28, 2018 for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

I am very fortunate to have Dr. Hilty as my physician.
He is very thorough in caring for his patients.
He has been an inspiration too me. To help keep me on track .to a healthier life .