Health System Benefits

Partnership with MDVIP can benefit your health system

How MDVIP Benefits You and Your Community

As a health system executive, you expect your responsibilities to evolve with the ever‐changing market forces. In today’s climate, though, you probably face some competing needs and challenges.

  • Cut costs but foster profitable growth.
  • Support physicians but increase volume.
  • Appeal to patients despite coverage restrictions.

MDVIP understands these complexities. We know from decades of experience that implementing a membership-based, primary care service arm can make a significant impact on your health system, your physicians and your patients. Below, a snapshot of key benefits you can expect when you partner with MDVIP.

Health System Benefits

  • Revenue diversification. MDVIP generates a predictable revenue stream that does not primarily depend on insurance payments.
  • Minimum effort for maximum return. By partnering with the industry leader, you save the time and cost of researching, developing and bringing up a new service line independently.
  • Physician retention. When you provide doctors with a model that matches their preferred way to practice, you reduce the costly expense and productivity loss related to physician burnout and early retirement.
  • No risk. MDVIP provides a no‐cost, comprehensive assessment of our model’s viability within your physician portfolio.
  • Better outcomes. Focusing on preventive care as an organization can drive improved health outcomes overall, creating a positive ripple effect throughout your health system and community.

Physician Benefits

  • Thriving practices. Our sophisticated ACE Informatics™ capacity analysis predicts which physicians in the health system are most likely to prosper in the MDVIP model of primary care.
  • Engaged physicians. Smaller patient panels give our affiliated physicians more time to develop relationships that enable personalized, proactive wellness care.
  • High satisfaction. An overwhelming majority of MDVIP‐affiliated physicians – 90%+ percent – report being very/extremely satisfied with our model of primary care.
  • Turnkey transition. A replicable model supported by an expert team and proven implementation plan facilitates the smooth launch of MDVIP‐affiliated practices.

Patient Benefits

  • Patient-centered care. Individualized attention and no‐rush doctor visits are cornerstones of our model for personalized, preventive care that includes advanced testing and an annual customized wellness program.
  • Same- or next-day appointments. Patients won’t need to wait for weeks for an appointment, and they won’t spend their visit time in a waiting room, but they do appreciate the extra one-on-one time the doctor has to listen.
  • Physician availability. Patients can reach their MDVIP‐affiliated doctor after hours for urgent care needs. And increased communication with their trusted physician gives patients peace of mind.