When to Use MDVIP Connect App and Website

Benefits of MDVIP Connect

MDVIP ConnectMDVIP Connect is a communications tool, resource center and window into your health results. Whether you're using the app or on the website, you can securely message your doctor and office staff. You can also view results from your annual MDVIP Wellness Program, and you can reach out to MDVIP for support. But the app and website offer slightly different benefits.

MDVIP Connect Website

Healthy recipes mdvip connectFor example, you can use the website when you want to cook an amazingly delicious and healthy meal. We have thousands of recipes from our partner EatingWell. You can also download meal plans to help you achieve your health goal.



Custom Exercise ProgramsYou can also use the website to access thousands of exercises and many custom workouts designed for your health needs. From condition- and sport-specific workouts to ones that will help you lose weight, improve balance or flexibility, there is a program for nearly everyone. 


MDVIP Connect App

MDVIP Wellness Program ResultsOn the app, you can manage the health information of your family members (with their consent). Say you're helping take care of an aging parent. The app can help you connect to their health information from multiple practices. 




Family physicians helpYou can also use the app to import and view health data from your doctor’s practice and other specialists, if connectivity is available. 




AppointmentsYou can also use the app to view appointment information and recent lab results. 




Patient Care CenterNeed help? MDVIP is here for you, whether you have questions about billing or benefits or need to schedule your annual Wellness Program services. We can help, and the app makes it easy to connect with MDVIP. You can also manage or update your payment and contact information through the MDVIP Connect app.


Whether you're downloading recipes or looking over your Wellness Program results, MDVIP Connect can help you. Login to the website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


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