Dr. Kathleen Alter

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| March, 10 2020 | for Kathleen A. Alter, MD

I was skiing in Vail, Colorado on a day there was a snow storm called a "white out". I was skiing a double black diamond run called Highline. I ran into a mogul which I did not see. I severed my ACL, tore my MCL, cracked a bone and scraped a bone in my right knee. I had an MRI in the clinic there. I called Dr. Alter and asked her what to do. She said "come home". She arranged with Dr. David Taylor to repair my knee. I have an implant. My knee is perfect. I am skiing again.
Then my husband developed pancreatic cancer. Dr Alter advised me to take him to Columbus, Ohio and then she called me every day to see how he was getting along. No physician that had treated my husband called at all. She kept my spirits up and most of all kept my husband's spirits up. Someone really cared about him. She is always there for me. This is certainly not as good a story as the others but I am a well person because of Dr. Alter. Debra