Dr. Levy saved my life this year.

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| February, 20 2014 | for Brian P. Levy, MD

Dr. Levy saved my life this year. Because of his dedicated care and his follow-up after I had a serious bout with pneumonia, he wanted a second x-ray to make sure my lungs were clear. What he saw on that x-ray concerned him, so he scheduled at CT-Scan at the hospital the following day. The CT-Scan showed I had a saddle embuli in my pulmonary artery. Within minutes Dr. Levy had me admitted to the hospital, and shots of blood thinner were begun immediately, all under his supervision.

After six days of great care (he checked on me both morning and evening) I was dismissed feeling fine. A second CT-Scan one month later showed the embuli was completely dissolved. My health has been excellent this year, and Dr. Levy seems very pleased with my complete recovery after a very close call.

Dr. Levy is so dedicated to his patients, always has time to listen to any concern and keeps a close eye on my over all health. He even answers his phone at home on Saturday. What a great feeling to have a doctor like that!