Dr. Lunt has been part of my life for about 20 years

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| December, 12 2019 | for Margaret S. Lunt, MD
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Dr. Lunt has been part of my life for about 20 years. Another specialist referred me to her because I needed a Primary Care Physician. At the first visit l knew I had found the right doctor. She was warm, personable and energetic. She ordered tests and after the results came back she developed a treatment plan for me. Top of the list was to get my diabetes under control. Within the first year my diabetes improved so much! She was a excited as I about the improvement. She was and continues to be encouraging as health issues continued to occur in my life. She knew the right specialists for referral and has kept up with all aspects of my treatment by getting test results and now from my doctors. She keeps track of when I need any vaccination, yearly tests such as mammograms, specific blood tests I need and plans or next visit depending on how I'm doing. She calls with test results as soon as she gets them. I have no doubt that my health is better than it would have been without her conscientious care. Her encouragement, genuine caring, and skilled listening make my visits with her fun and educational. I feel I am a collaborator in my treatment since she offers suggestions, asks my opinion and listens to my answers. I could write much much more. Those of us fortunate to see her are blessed to have her as our doctor. Some people get an education then a job that they do for many years, others get an education but don't find a job, they find their calling which brings them joy. As someone once said if you love what you do you will never a day in your life. This perfectly describes Dr. Lunt. I'm glad I'm on her team and I am sincerely and deeply grateful for her, her expertise and her wonderful spirit that encourages me to take care of myself. At age 65 after 10 years of being on disability I returned to work. At my current 71 years of age I have no intention of leaving my work as a clinical social worker, which is MY calling, until I absolutely cannot work another day. She helped me achieve being able to return to work. Thank you Dr. Lunt for all you do for me.