Kari has worked extremely hard

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| February, 12 2020 | for Karl J. Edelmann, MD, FAAFP
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Everyone in the office goes the extra mile for the patients. The doctor is second to none and the nurse is always interested in how I am doing and she knows the members of my family in our history and is concerned and she is this way with everybody. Paula goes the extra mile in arranging appointments for my time schedule which is very difficult due to the fact that I never know from one day to the next if I am going to be ambulatory or not. Kari has worked extremely hard to ensure that the different insurance companies that I have had over the years make the prescriptions available to me. because of my MS, the medications are very expensive and she has even worked and managed to get the pharmaceutical companies to assist with the cost during the time that I am in the donut hole for Medicare. Everyone there should be nominated for sainthood