You are a compassionate, knowledgeable and kind doctor

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| March, 13 2018 | for J. Rick Adams, MD
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Dear Dr. Adams.
How can I begin to thank you for the care and support you have provided not only me, but more importantly my parents. When I signed up for MDVIP, I anticipated having easier access to a doctor. You have certainly exceeded that expectation. Your availability and prompt responses make staying healthy so much easier. Thank you for for patiently explaining the answers to my many questions and providing suggestions without requiring a doctors visit.

I truly believe it was God's timing that we signed up my mom and dad to be cared for by you as well. I have NEVER seen my dad connect or open up to a physician like he has to you. The recent experiences with both parents getting sick, mom ending up in the hospital and eventually at skilled nursing were completely overwhelming. You kindly but firmly (I needed this) stepped us through what we needed to do in order to get mom help. Your sweet and gentle demeanor with her made all the difference in the world to our family. Thank you for explaining the process and supporting us through the tough decisions we had to make. I will also never forget the compassion you shared with my dad as you sat next to him and talked him through taking care of himself and affirmed his strong desire to bring mom back to their house as he had promised her. Encouraging him as a man and understanding the importance of keeping his promise to my mom motivated him to do what needed to be done to get well.

You are a compassionate, knowledgeable and kind doctor and I am blessed to be a part of your practice.