Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News: Thousands of Patients Sing MDVIP Physician's Praises for National Doctors' Day - March 30, 2014

How does a patient praise the physician who saved his eyesight, or the doctor who braved a snowstorm to care for her or ordered the colonoscopy that detected a tumor – and ultimately saved the patient’s life?  You write a poem, of course – or a letter, or a song, or even make a video to thank your doctor on National Doctors’ Day.

When it comes to creatively expressing oneself, MDVIP members know no bounds! A great example of this is Randy; a patient and musician, who took to his guitar and penned a song about his doctor for a music video.  “Thank you, Doc Moss, you keep me singing my song.  Only once in a lifetime a doc comes along that maps out a plan to help me live long.  Thank you, Dr. Moss, for the lab numbers and explaining their meaning, I already feel younger.  Thank you for answering your cell phone at night and inspiring me to resist the last bite.”

In what could be called a “good” case of loving you, thousands of patients – like Randy – in MDVIP-affiliated physician practices took the time to submit heartfelt testimonials expressing gratitude for the life–changing difference their doctor makes in their lives.

“We let patients know about National Doctors’ Day and the stories started pouring in.  This tremendous response came as no surprise to us.  MDVIP selects only top doctors, and there’s no stronger reinforcement of this than through the recognition of their patients from coast to coast,” said Dan Hecht, CEO of MDVIP.  Mr. Hecht added, “During this time of uncertainty and confusion in healthcare, MDVIP members couldn’t be happier with the unique doctor-patient relationship afforded by our highly personalized model of care.  This is why we continue to experience impressive growth as people look for better healthcare options and a real connection to their doctors.”

Some stories speak to the extremes MDVIP doctors will go to care for their patients.  One Pennsylvania physician met a patient in his office at 9:30 PM during a blizzard when the patient complained of chest pains and was trying to make it to the emergency room.  Another patient vacationing in London suffered a retinal artery embolism.  His MDVIP doctor partnered with London doctors to ensure he got the best possible care.

Another doctor -- whose patient’s colonoscopy revealed a malignant mass -- coordinated the patient’s entire care with specialists – from surgery, to chemotherapy, radiation and recovery acting as his healthcare advocate and navigating the complex system. Today, the patient is well and shows no signs of cancer.

Another patient took a light-hearted approach in applauding his doctor with poetry.  “…Your gentle, caring interest in my health is most sincere.  You're professional, thorough, honest and those qualities keep me here.  To lose the care of you, fine Doc, would spell CATASTROPHE.  For you, alone, made me agree to a 2nd colonoscopy!”

Another seemed to express concerns of patients and physicians everywhere when writing, “Personal attention seems to be getting more and more rare these days.  It is so refreshing – and assuring – to know that I have the best doctor in town available to me whenever I need him!  Thanks, Dr. Gray, you're the best!”

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