MDVIP Patient Care Model: Prevent Now, Treat Less

Boca Newspaper | April 7, 2017

When it comes to seeing your doctor, MDVIP is telling patients “don’t wait.” Don’t wait until you’re not feeling well and don’t wait weeks or hours to be seen by your doctor. Growing from a local Boca Raton start-up to a national network in 17 years, MDVIP continues to attract patients with its concierge services and patient care model. With an average annual cost of $1,650-$1,850, patients receive annual health prevention and wellness plans. Patients also receive conveniences like longer appointment times and the ability to reach their doctor 24/7. Mayor Susan Haynie has witnessed MDVIP’s presence firsthand in Boca Raton and expresses, “Thanks to innovative companies like MDVIP, the healthcare industry continues to be a vibrant and growing sector in our corporate community.”


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