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The Trump administration is considering making fee-based primary care options like MDVIP more affordable for seniors. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services this year put a call out to healthc… See more
A membership-based practice, MDVIP works to personalize experiences for patients and doctors. Founded in 2000, its aim is individualized, preventive care through smaller practices. El Paso’s first MDV… See more
Those who join concierge medical practices do so because of chronic or complex health conditions. Compared to what some consider a flawed system in traditional healthcare, concierge medicine is seen a… See more
Following MDVIP’s footsteps, the University of Michigan has established its own concierge medical practice in Victors Care, which provides patients with unlimited primary care appointments, shorter wa… See more
As a result of physician burnout, a growing number of doctors report less job satisfaction. According to a recent survey of U.S. primary care doctors conducted by MDVIP and Ipsos, more than half of do… See more
Starting May 29, Lexington-based Drs. John Borders and Gregory Hood will transition their practice and officially become MDVIP-affiliated physicians, joining the nation’s largest network of providers… See more
Dr. Mark Pinsky is an MDVIP affiliate and longtime sports medicine physician dedicated to individualizing the patient experience. Having practiced medicine for more… See more
Episode 121 of the DocPreneur Podcast features Michael Cromwell, MDVIP’s Director of Strategic Development. In his role, Cromwell collaborates with MDVIP Chairman and CEO Bret Jorgensen and members of… See more
Dr. Barry Schumer has reduced his primary care practice size from 1,800 patients to 400. Like other doctors, the reason for this dramatic change is simple: He joi… See more
We've been taught that exercise at any age is beneficial to good health and longevity, but recent research has zoomed in on a time period in your life when it may the most important of all. Researche… See more
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