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Researchers say poor dental health, including cavities and missing teeth, can lead to a decline in brain health. In this Healthline article, MDVIP Associate Medical Director Dr. Alan Reisinger discuss… See more
There are many things we can do to live a long quality life - like taking control of our health - which according to a new study from MDVIP, many people aren't doing.  
Reaching longevity is achievable with the right healthy habits and lifestyle choices and Eat This, Not That! Health spoke with experts, including MDVIP's Dr. Andrea Klemes, who share their tips on liv… See more
Dr. Andrea Klemes, Chief Medical Officer, MDVIP, joins Eyewitness Mornings Anchor Fiona Daghir to discuss steps people can take, at any age, to help increase the number of healthy years they live.  
Want a long, healthy life? What it takes to make that happen is apparently a mystery to many. A survey done by Ipsos on behalf of the healthcare company MDVIP found that most people don’t know enough… See more
Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor and ignoring warning signs when it comes to their health. What, or rather who, is the key to helping men be more proactive? Women.
OBGYN and MDVIP affiliate Dr. Ron Eaker discusses the dangers of women delaying routine checkups. Dr. Eaker, who has spent 30 years specializing in women's health, talks about steps women can take to… See more
Are you interested in a plant-based diet? MDVIP-affiliate Dr. Gunjan Raina sits down with podcast host Brogan Taj from Beyond the Chart to explain the benefits of going plant-based and how to easily i… See more
MDVIP-affiliate Dr. Adrian Douglass continues to be an authority on the benefits of staying on top of your health. Dr. Douglass discussed the affects of delaying medical care and how it can have long-… See more
MDVIP-affiliated physician Dr. Vicki Bralow was interviewed by KYW Newsradio, the leading all-news station in Philadelphia, where she discussed the dangers of postponing health check-ups and medical p… See more
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