Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to healthcare and wellness for my patients has been molded by my medical education, post-graduate training and my varied practice experiences. I see myself as a true “Family Doc”, understanding that the meaning of the term has evolved during the course of my career. I have been privileged to assist and guide my patients through the life events we all experience: birth, illness, health regained, and death. Because of the unique relationships I have with my patients, we’ve become partners. For me, this partnership is an honor and a privilege; I am grateful for the trust placed in me, and for the opportunity to be of service to my patients. My goal, with current and future patients, is to be the most trusted professional resource for patients to turn to when a health problem or illness arises. Additionally, I hope to help patients maintain excellent health, so that problems are less frequent, and are more readily and effectively resolved when they do arise.

Dr. Dunn's Credentials

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University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Family Practice 1982-1984
Internal Medicine 1988-1989

Wright State University School of Medicine
Dayton, Ohio

Medical School:
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Doctorate of Medicine 1981

University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM
Cardiology 1984-1985

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Bachelor of Univesity Studies, Concentration in English Literature 1976

American Board of Family Practice
Swedish Medical Center
Porter Memorial Hospital
Volunteer Medical Staff, Matibabu, USA/Kenya 2007-present
Medical Director, Rose Health Care Centers 1995-1996
Medical Director, Flight for Life, Aero-Medical Transport Service 1992-1994
Emergency Department Medical Staff, Saint Francis Hospital 1992-1994
Volunteer Medical Staff, Medical, Eye, and Dental Care International, Austin, TX/Honduras South America 1992
Emergency Department Medical Staff, Lehigh Valley Hospital Center 1990-1991
Emergency Department Medical Staff, Saint Joseph Medical Center 1989-1990
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Colorado Medical Society
from Celia March 29, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Dunn has seen me through problems with my liver, trouble with my stomach, and ongoing sinus issues. His health screening has pointed out hearing loss and the potential for being pre diabetic. His ability to listen and come up with creative solutions is incredibly helpful! When I need testing or care at another facility, he sees that it happens and communicates with the other people… See more

from Allan March 30, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

I tend to be both stoic and loyal to my healthcare provider, and, have been known to turn a deaf ear to my spouse's suggestions to change doctors. However, as is usually the case, she proved to be right, when she persuaded me to become a patient of Dr. Mike Dunn. From the outset, his response and advice with respect to my medical needs, was the first step in a number of actions that saved… See more

from Rita March 28, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Being able to contact him for what ever problem we have.

from Arneille March 27, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Dr Mike Dunn is the best doctor I have ever had! I would definitely recommend him to others. In fact, my husband just became his patient. My husband has observed the good care I have received from Dr Dunn for several years. He is now receiving excellent care as well.

from Martin March 27, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Mike Dunn is not only a very good physician. he has also become a good friend who is very much concerned about my overall health, but my mental well being too. Able, competent and deeply interested in the welfare of his patients.

from Franci March 21, 2017 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

I Greatly appreciate Dr. Michael Dunn for all he has been doing for me and my dad, who is also his patient. I can talk with him about anything. He works extremely hard to help me with my diagnosis of CRPS to find ways of helping me improve my condition as well as my outlook on my life.
He has also given my dad a renewed and better attitude about taking good care of himself which takes a… See more

from Barbara in CO May 20, 2016 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Several years ago I became very ill and twice in less than a year my husband found me unconscious in our master bathroom. After two ambulance rides to the ER and specialists doing all kinds of tests and coming up with nothing, Dr. Dunn pursued the issue with another doctor/friend. They found 3 endometrial type tumors wrapped around the outside of my colon. I would have died from the… See more

from Velma in CO March 7, 2016 for Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

I appreciate many things about Dr Dunn, but the fact that he doesnt give up on what is causing me not to feel well, he tries different things until i am 100 better. I also know even after hours i can contact him if i need to. I feel comfortable talking to him about anything going on with myself , and his staff is always nice to me,ashley is gentle in drawing blood and other things. I… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year