He is there for me!

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| March, 19 2020 | for Kevin J. Wingert, MD, FAAFP
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I have been seeing Dr. Wingert continually for over 8 years. I normally went for keeping by blood pressure under control and a few other minor things. I rescheduled a few appointments and missed seeing him for about 6 months. When I saw him he told me that if I was gonna keep seeing him I had to see him regularly as he said he was responsible for my health! So I did and kept all my appointments without rescheduling. Last August I had a pain in my right lower quadrant and called an went to see him at 3pm the next day. He examined me, had his staff make an appointment for me for a CT Scan with contrast, at 4pm. He said don't eat anything until I call. He called me at 7am with instructions to go to the hospital as I had an appenditis. He had contacted the hospital about me coming and contacted the surgeon to do the surgery. He and his office staff had arranged everything!!!! I walked in the ED at 8am and was out at 5pm leaving my appenxix behind. What great service!!!!