I am beyond grateful for Dr. Heidrick and MDVIP!

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| July, 23 2019 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

I am beyond grateful for Dr. Heidrick and MDVIP! I just moved my parents (who are 94 years old) from Arizona to Bakersfield, Calif. to be closer to me. The night before we were to move my folks into the senior living apartment, my dad had to go to the hospital. He was in heart failure. We called Dr. Heidrick and he recommended the best emergency room and hospital. They stabilized my dad and started him on diuresis to remove water around his heart. I signed my folks on with Dr. Heidrick's practice the next day. All through the hospital stay and during the following week, we were updating Dr. Heidrick on his cell phone and he was checking in with us. He also talked to the cardiologists who were treating my father. This was right before and during the 4th of July holiday and the doctor was also on vacation but that did not stop him from answering the phone and talking to us. The following week, they fit both my folks in for a check up since it was such a stressful time. I feel Dr. Heidrick is the best and certainly put my mind at ease during this stressful time. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone!