She has always been a great support, has a wealth of knowledge.

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| September, 15 2017 | for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

I have been with Dr. Leder for more years than I can count! She has always been a great support, has a wealth of knowledge, and as qualified as she is, never hesitates to recommend an outside consult if needed. Again, with all of her qualifications and years of experience, Dr. Leder still wants to not only remain current, but be ahead of the game with testing, practices and whatever will most benefit her patients. She establishes a comfortable setting, so much so that you feel as though you are visiting a friend.

The office staff is like no other: Lisa is phenomenal when you call whether asking for an appointment or any information. Abe always has a great and welcoming hello. It is very easy to think of them as friends as well. Their level of patience is incredible!

When joining MDVIP, I was unsure about the concepts, but I knew I would stay with Dr. Leder for as long as she will be practicing.

I am very pleased with the intensive testing, results and information that come along with MDVIP. I find that I use the website for wellness information, proper dieting information, including workouts. I love that all of my information is easily accessible and that I can communicate via email with Dr. Leder and her staff, especially when I forget to call during business hours.

Dr. Leder has always been the center of my wagon wheel of health. All of my other doctors communicate back to her with any changes, updates etc..., and all of this information is now in one place - my portal.

I also love my yearly packet, after the physical, with not just my results, but great supporting information and resources.

Dr. Leder is simply, the best. Combining with MDVIP has enabled her to practice medicine her way, your true family doctor who always has time for you and makes you feel like no one else matters when you are with her.