Thank you Dr. HIEDRICK for listening, hearing me.

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| April, 13 2017 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP
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I had bronchitis. My exray were clean. I was well, except that I was in terrible pain. My chest and ribs hurt a great deal. I made an appointment and Dr. J. HIEDRICK got me right in, quickly. We had a second exray taken. The results were the same. Bronchitis was gone. I suggested I might have pleurisy. Dr. HIEDRICK said, He wasn't sure, He sent me home. With in an hour I got a call. You have a cracked rib and a broken rib. That's why you are in such pain. I enhanced the exray. It's hard to see, but clear. Thank you Dr. HIEDRICK for listening, hearing me, and not dismissing my symptoms as crazy, or inconsistent. Because, you took the time to dig a little deeper, I finally found out what was going on in my body and healed.