Richard D. Lee, MD

Family Medicine
605 Cowper Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301 Get Directions

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495.00per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My practice philosophy is to maximize the quality of life for our patients. Our standard of care relies on a comprehensive and creative approach to preventing disease and maintaining health through nutrition and lifestyle mentoring. We do our best to keep all our patients, adults and children, healthy and happy in an environment that is responsive, caring and enjoyable.

Dr. Lee's Credentials

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Stanford University Family Practice at San Jose Medical Center
San Jose, CA
Family Practice 1989-1991

Stanford University Family Practice at San Jose Medical Center
San Jose, CA

Medical School:
Michigan State University, Upper Peninsula Program
Marquette, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1988

University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Physiology and Public Health 1980

Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
Stanford Medical Center, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
First Resident Recipient of Star Physician Award for Excellence in Patient Care, San Jose Medical Center 1989
Stanford Family Medicine Teaching Excellence Award 2001
Base Camp Physician, National Geographic and North Face, Millennium Everest Expedition 1999
Chief Physician and Co-founder of Project Swasthya, a comprehensive medical, surgical earthquake relief program in Gujarat, India 2001
Medical Consultant to California Explorer Search & Rescue and 1st Special Response Group, which provide regional and international search & rescue services
Consultant for Expedition, Wilderness Travel and Disaster Medicine
Medical Officer, South Skyline Emergency Planning Committee
Team Physician, Ritchey Mountain Bike Team, Supporting World Champions 1989, 1991-1993, 1996 and 2005
Member, Wilderness Medical Society
Parenthood, cycling, skiing, kayaking, motor sports, equestrian events, developing medical software and information services
from Payman March 30, 2017 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Dr. Lee is a fantastic doctor....Not only he is very knowledgeable but he is very caring too! He listens to you carefully and compassionately and gives you the kind of attention that you think you are his most important patient. Probably all his patients feel the way I do. He also has a very nice and caring staff which is icing on the cake! I am also very thankful to my dear friend Manijeh… See more

from Jeff March 28, 2017 for Richard D. Lee, MD

A western physician that is a true healer - imagine that.

from J March 27, 2017 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Rich has a collection of skills that is very rarely found in medicine today. He is affable. He comprehends both the explicit and the implicit. His ability to move from the 10,000 foot view to the 10 foot view is absolutely unparalleled. Most importantly, his ability to think and work outside the box in mitigating or resolving health problems is the capstone of his remarkable talents.

from Lauren in CA February 13, 2015 for Richard D. Lee, MD

My doctor has cared for our family for the last 20 years - he and his staff understand our individual health care needs and are always responsive with the right customized plan to regain full health. We couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

from Keith in CA July 2, 2014 for Richard D. Lee, MD

17 years ago, I met a wonderful guy. I was working for Kaiser but about to leave for another job and needed to find a good doctor. Mt friend found me a great doctor in Dr. Lee and his team. They have been very attentive and concerned for my health through back surgeries, head problems, skin cancers, multiple bouts of pneumonia, and just about everything every one gets once in their lifetime… See more

from Mark in CA February 20, 2014 for Richard D. Lee, MD

I cannot say enough about Dr. Lee. He has helped me in so many ways. In the past he has helped me recover from physical pain & anxiety issues. Very little medication, lots of therapy and communication/monitoring. I went from having
difficulty keeping my job, having to rely on public transportation, to back on the road again, doing what I enjoy. fishing. See attached photo

from Ian in CA February 15, 2014 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Dr Lee takes the time to understand you medical issues and his diagnosis is often amazing. I now have more energy and wake up in the morning totally energized to take on the day all the way through to bedtime. My annual medical is an awesome event and something I look forward to!

from Naomi in CA February 8, 2014 for Richard D. Lee, MD

In this time in our history of frustration and confusion regarding medical care, Dr. Lee is that rare combination of old fashioned consideration of the patient as an individual (not a case number with a coded ailment) and a doctor who is informed about every aspect of medicine as it has evolved. The most important quality of his that make me the most comfortable is that he is quick to… See more

from Ashleigh April 24, 2012 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Dr. Lee has changed the quality of my life immeasurably. In the span of one year I have gone from ENDURING menopause and the related weight gain, lack of energy, mood swings, hot flashes, memory loss, etc. to back to normal. By incorporating very small but essential changes such as supplementing my diet with vitamin D, focusing on nutrition and the RIGHT mix of hormone therapy, I have lost 40… See more

Annual Membership Fee

495.00per quarter
990.00per semi-annual
1,980.00per year