Does MDVIP work for group and employed practices?

Many affiliated physicians in single and multi-specialty group and employed practices are working alongside colleagues in a conventional primary care model. Having an MDVIP-affiliated physician within a group gives all patients additional choices for care and distinguishes the group from its competitors. Furthermore, the group setting enables patients who do not choose to join the MDVIP program the option to easily transition to other physicians in the practice.

How does MDVIP work with commercial insurance and Medicare?

Unlike concierge medicine or direct primary care models where physicians usually opt out of insurance, the MDVIP program is compatible with Medicare and most commercial plans, regardless of whether you’re an in-network or out-of-network provider. Aside from the MDVIP Wellness Program paid for by the annual patient membership fee, you can continue to collect co-pays and bill insurance for sick-care visits.

What kind of physicians can MDVIP help?

In addition to providing a solution to internists and family physicians in traditional volume medicine who are looking for a way to practice the way they were trained, MDVIP offers transition expertise to doctors with a variety of professional goals. We work with non-MDVIP primary care physicians in both conventional and concierge practices to implement a successful succession or retirement plan by assisting with continuity-of-care services for their patients.

Am I too young to affiliate with MDVIP?

The MDVIP model is most successful in established primary care practices. More than 100 MDVIP-affiliated physicians are in their 30s and 40s. As the healthcare landscape continues to change bringing with it more uncertainty, younger doctors value the financial security and predictability of the MDVIP model. They’re also enjoying a better work/life balance and are able to save for retirement. Many of our affiliated physicians say their biggest regret is not transitioning sooner. And they’re more than willing to tell you why. Just call us at 800-706-4384 and we’ll put you in touch.