MDVIP believes that closer doctor-patient relationships coupled with more time are the key ingredients for a better healthcare experience, and ultimately better results. Providing every patient the one-on-one time they need with you along with a more comprehensive approach to preventive care is only possible in smaller practices.

If your present patient load has you on the brink of burnout, perhaps contemplating early retirement or leaving medicine altogether, MDVIP offers you a healthier work/life balance and a means to continue doing what you love.

Importantly, our model is backed by evidence-based studies and is on secure legal and regulatory footing.

The most convincing evidence of why MDVIP is the preferred practice model chosen by over a thousand of your primary care colleagues is reported in the annual satisfaction surveys of affiliated physicians. Year over year, MDVIP affiliates are exceedingly satisfied with their decision to join the network and with how our model enables them to meet their professional, personal and financial goals. Furthermore, they consistently rate MDVIP as an ethical, reliable and high-quality organization of which they are proud to be a part. Once you’ve experienced the MDVIP difference, you’ll agree with our affiliated physicians and patients who say they’d never go back to traditional primary care. For many, MDVIP has been life-changing.

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