While you can attempt to convert your traditional volume practice to a membership-based model yourself, it’s extremely difficult and stressful. Undertaking a transformation involving thousands of patients while continuing to maintain a full-time practice – all on your own – can set the stage for unpredictable results. Since you only get one chance to do it right, there’s too much at stake to rely on anyone other than the experts in the country, MDVIP.

First, MDVIP offers you a thorough, in-depth evaluation and risk assessment to predict your suitability for the model and provide you with data to make an informed decision. Once we agree to work together, MDVIP offers you a medical practice solution that is customized to your needs, your patients’ needs and your market. The breadth of knowledge and the wealth of resources MDVIP commits to each transition have resulted in practice sizes considerably larger than patient membership attained with competing companies. Our experienced MDVIP professionals provide you with operational, marketing, legal, technological and membership support services, training and tools – both during your transition and throughout your tenure as an affiliated physician. And then, we help you finish your career in medicine with what can be a sizable retirement fund.

The role MDVIP plays in legally protecting the model is extremely important. With healthcare being the most regulated industry in the U.S., MDVIP has five in-house legal counsel available to you, along with over 40 law firms on retainer nationally to monitor new state and federal laws being proposed every year. It would be exceedingly challenging and expensive for independent physicians to remain compliant in today’s environment.

Our established relationships with key influencers who promote bipartisan backing of our prevention-focused model supplement MDVIP’s strong legal foundation. These advocacy efforts increase awareness among policy makers that MDVIP is driving impressive health outcomes and saving the healthcare system money – while also achieving unparalleled patient and physician satisfaction.

MDVIP is successful only if our affiliated physicians are successful. Our incentives are aligned. That is why we bear the cost not only of the initial practice evaluation, but also a significant upfront investment to transition you into the model. Founded in 2000, MDVIP has a long history of demonstrating that our model has stood the test of time – it works and it’s reproducible. So when we present you with an affiliation agreement, we’re confident it will work for you, too. And we don’t stop there. We continue investing in the network by bringing affiliated physicians and patients value-added offerings and resources designed to improve the healthcare experience.

You’ve devoted yourself to the needs of your patients. That’s why you need MDVIP – because the risks involved in doing this on your own are substantial.

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