Congratulations 2021 MDVIP Ambassadors

After reviewing all the nominees who became official members of the MDVIP Ambassadors Club last year, the committee selected three grand prize ambassadors. We thank all of the deserving practice ambassadors who provided an extraordinary experience for their members. Please join us in a virtual round of applause and standing ovation for:


1st Place: Priscila VelazquezPriscilla Velazquez
From the Office of Scott Hoffman, MD | Raleigh, NC 

We have a patient whose husband was dying. The wife (patient) was very upset, so Priscila went to visit her every night after work that week to be by her side as hospice was called in. Priscila not only comforted this patient, but she also helped in practical ways. Priscila changed the sheets, changed the husband’s diapers, brought snacks to make sure the wife was still eating and hydrating properly. Priscila continued to visit through the weekend. The husband died the next day on Monday and Priscila went to the funeral to comfort our grieving patient. The patient is from Estonia and English isn't her first language. With all the legal issues around the death of a spouse, Priscila was able to help by getting a lawyer friend to bridge the language barrier and get the patient assistance. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the Ambassadors Club recognition. Priscila went above and beyond not only during normal business hours, but on her own time, and gave her love, support and practical help to one of our deserving patients.

2nd Place: MaryNell Goolsby
From the Office of R. Scott Thompson, MD | Mount Pleasant, SC 

I am writing to nominate MaryNell Goolsby, our office manager, for the Ambassadors Club. MaryNell has been with Mt. Pleasant Internal Medicine for many years and orchestrated the transition of all three doctors to MDVIP 12, 10 and 9 years ago. She has helped our practices grow, especially recently with the assimilation of a local MDVIP-affiliated practice. She is incredible in her handling of finances, practice management, keeping up with regulations - she does it all. She wrote weekly emails during the pandemic keeping our patients up to date with latest guidelines and research. When the vaccine became available and online registration was very difficult for our older patients, she would register patients throughout the day, working into the night because of her passion to take care of our patients and keep them happy. She registered and organized our practice to administer the COVID vaccine when it was available. There is no question that our practice would not be where we are today without MaryNell, and I question how we would have fared during the pandemic. She does this all with an energetic, cheerful attitude, and I cannot exaggerate how many patients have complimented MaryNell. They say how lucky we are to have her; how sharp she is and how helpful she is. She does ALL our administrative, billing, HR, contracts; you name it, she does it. I cannot imagine a more deserving individual, and I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to submit this. MaryNell is truly amazing, and I have left out my last point until after I briefly went over her attributes. MaryNell has done this all while undergoing multiple surgeries and hospitalizations, pain and ongoing health issues. She never complains, and she would even take her computer and work from the hospital while receiving treatment. Despite her health challenges, she is the chairperson for the MUSC Low Velo bike ride for cancer research, and she did a 100-mile bike ride last year. She is a force of nature and is so deserving of this
designation. I would greatly appreciate her receiving this honor. 


3rd Place: Ashley Gubernick
From the Office of David DiPietro, MD and Louis Marino, MD | Furlong, PA

On her own time, Ashley has been caring for an older patient (86), a widow who lives alone with her two cats. The patient can barely walk and does not drive. For the past few months, Ashley has scheduled a daily check-in call with the patient. Ashley goes grocery shopping for this patient and then puts everything away. She even goes out of her way to buy specific cat food as the patient’s cats are finicky. She normally visits 2-3 grocery stores during a shopping trip to get everything the patient needs. Ashley also brings in the patient’s mail and takes out the trash during her visits. During some recent snowstorms, Ashley and her son shoveled the patient's walkway so the mailman could still access the mailbox. On top of all the things listed above, Ashley helps with little chores around the house. Ashley knows this patient is lonely, so she makes sure that she feels safe, cared for, and most of all, that she has a friend to brighten her days!


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