Congratulations MDVIP Ambassadors

Highlights from Kimberly Collins’ NominationsAmbassador Program Winner

The wife of a 94-year-old patient who had a recent fall felt his health was declining. She was scared and unwilling to call 911. Sensing her desperation, Kimberly drove six miles to their house and convinced them to call 911. Kimberly stayed by their side until the paramedics arrived. As a result, the patient was treated in the hospital and is now making a recovery in rehab. Without her intervention, the patient would likely have died.

Highlights from Jennifer Hensley’s Nominations

Jennifer is my co-captain. Her expertise and experience as a hospital nurse on the cardiac and psych units have been invaluable. When an elderly patient was discharged from the hospital without any resources to care for herself at home, Jennifer advocated for our patient and arranged transfer to a skilled nursing facility. She is an incredible asset to my practice.

I am the medical power of attorney for my two aunts who are Dr. Merlino’s patients. I’m from out of town. Their health needs are specific and sometimes unpredictable, so I need someone who knows them well and one who is willing to give help that bridges the distance between us. Jennifer Hensley is that someone.

Highlights from Jennifer Bennett’s Nominations

When a patient confided that she was having a tough time with her birthday coming up after her husband’s passing, Jen jumped into action to make her feel special. On her birthday, Jen greeted her with a handmade card, accompanied by a gift card to her favorite coffee spot. The patient was so touched. Jennifer’s acts of kindness make this practice truly unique and special. 

This year MDVIP is celebrating its 20th anniversary and plans to share even more stories about life-changing care. If staff members from your doctor's office provide world-class care, nominate for the Ambassador's Club by visiting » 

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