5 Things to Know About MDVIP

patient going over medical records with an MDVIP-affiliated physician

MDVIP has been connecting doctors and patients for more than 20 years, providing a model of care where members and their physicians have time to actually work together. MDVIP focuses on preventive care and forming meaningful connections that can lead to better health outcomes.

Started in 2000 by primary care physicians who felt that there was a better way to practice medicine, the MDVIP national network has grown to more than 1,100 doctors and 390,000 patients.

Here are 5 things to know about MDVIP:

  1. What MDVIP does
  2. What makes MDVIP different from other medical care providers
  3. Where our affiliates are located
  4. How MDVIP works
  5. How much MDVIP costs

What does MDVIP do?

MDVIP gives doctors innovative tools and support so that they can spend more time with patients and focus on preventive care. They’re able to offer same- and next-day appointments that start on time and last as long as needed. Physicians are available by phone to their patients after hours and on weekends to handle urgent health matters.

What Makes MDVIP Unique?

In addition to these conveniences, MDVIP-affiliated physicians offer preventive care that isn’t always available in traditional primary care practices. That starts with the annual MDVIP Wellness Program, which includes advanced tests and diagnostic screenings which have been shown to identify health issues earlier. Patients and their MDVIP-affiliated doctors go over the results of these tests and use them to develop a customize wellness plan.

Patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices have better outcomes than those in traditional primary care, including:

  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Lower utilization of emergency rooms and urgent care
  • Better management of chronic conditions, such as hypertension, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes, to lower risk of heart attacks and strokes for high-risk patients.

Where are MDVIP-affiliated practices located?

There are MDVIP-affiliated physicians in 45 states and the District of Columbia. With more than 1,000 doctors in our national network — from Florida to Alaska, from Hawaii to Maine, from California to Texas — chances are there’s an MDVIP-affiliated primary care practice near you. You can find an MDVIP-affiliated doctor near you today.

How does MDVIP work?

MDVIP-affiliated physicians see fewer patients that many traditional primary care doctors. Most primary care doctors see thousands of patients. In fact, the average primary care practice has 2,300 patients, and some doctors see many, many more.

MDVIP-affiliated doctors limit their practices to around 600 patients. This gives them more time to spend on preventive care and coaching and more time to develop doctor-patient relationships that can lead to better outcomes.

What does MDVIP cost?

Patients pay an annual fee for the MDVIP Wellness Program, the tests and screenings that are part of it and any medical coaching and consultation related to the program.

The fee for the wellness program, which in most cases can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually, typically ranges from $1,800 to $2,200.

The fee may be reimbursable by your flexible spending or health savings account. You can verify this with your plan administrator. The fee may also be tax deductible for those patients who itemize medical expenses. Check with your tax advisor for specific questions.

How to Become a Member

Consider partnering with an MDVIP-affiliated physician to get a customized wellness plan. Become one step closer to gaining access to these MDVIP benefits. Find an MDVIP affiliate near you and begin your partnership in health.