Support Services

Services MDVIP Provides Physicians

MDVIP has almost two decades of experience, and we have converted over 1,000 physician practices into a personalized healthcare model that is saving primary care. We intimately understand that medicine is more than just a job to you – and changing lives is more than just a business to us.

We know the professional, personal and financial sacrifices you’ve made to establish and maintain your primary care practice. And we take our commitment to you and your patients very seriously. We work side-by-side with you to ensure your success as an affiliated physician and support you every step of the way.

You’ll Enjoy Great Benefits and Support

  • A proprietary analysis to determine if the MDVIP medical practice model is right for you and your patients, including in-depth practice forecasting and financial analytics.  
  • Ongoing federal and state regulatory review and guidance.  
  • Comprehensive practice transition planning and hands-on implementation.  
  • Assistance with patient continuity-of-care coordination, insurance review and advice.  
  • Expert in-house call center of 120 skilled representatives to service you, your staff and your patients.  
  • A full-time patient advocate at your practice speaking one-on-one with patients for the duration of the transition.  
  • Effective marketing and public relations programs, including event planning.  
  • Thorough physician and staff training on delivering the MDVIP Wellness Program and customer service.  
  • An electronic health records platform and technology support team.  
  • Billing and collection of membership fees.  
  • Personalized web portals for physicians, staff and patients to more efficiently manage the practice and securely communicate, complete with online tools and resources to promote healthy living, including a subscription to UpToDate.  
  • A dedicated Practice Development Manager and customized practice development plan focused on delighting your members and attracting new patients.  
  • Periodic feedback through annual patient satisfaction surveys.  
  • Local, regional and national meetings to share ideas and network with fellow MDVIP affiliates.  
  • Discounted continuing medical education (CME) opportunities.  
  • Savings on medical malpractice insurance premiums.  
  • Group purchasing discounts on office and medical supplies.  
  • Office design and relocation services.  
  • A retirement savings vehicle and an experienced succession team to support the grand finale of your medical career.


The support you get from MDVIP … is really very valuable. It makes a big difference.

Doug Dunning, MD | Omaha, NE

The analytics that MDVIP does on your practice up front are tremendously valuable and accurate. The second thing is, the support you get from MDVIP both in terms of the transition, and practice development, panel maintenance is really very valuable. It makes a big difference.



Is your practice a good fit? With 20+ years of experience successfully transitioning practices to the MDVIP model, our team of experienced analysts will help you answer that question — at no risk or cost to you.