from Marilyn in VA June 18, 2024 for Maria Concepcion Asesor, MD

I’m sorry but my experience to my dear Dr. Assesor was an awesome one I loved her as my primary care doctor compare to the previous one and I am so comfortable with her , I learned a lot of things about my health issues and that’s all I could say this time but she is the best, kind, and an awesome one for me😘❤️🙏Thank you

from Denise in TX June 14, 2024 for Shawn Laney, MD

I am in my early 80’s. Earlier this year, I was seeking a new primary care doctor in Austin, Texas. Based on a recommendation from a friend I selected Dr Shawn Laney. I am very happy that I did so. He began by very thoroughly assessing multiple aspects of my medical condition, discussing my needs and concerns and implementing changes. Throughout the process, I felt that he was not just… See more

from Suryani in CA June 13, 2024 for Marina Manvelyan, MD

Dr.Manvelyan is a great doctor. She has bern my doctor for more than 15 years. She is kind and knowlegeable. I am blessed to have Dr.Manvelyan as my doctor. He is bery caring and listen to my complain.

from Geraldine in NV June 12, 2024 for Brandon D. Jensen, DO
Image provided by: Geraldine

Dr Brandon Jensen in Henderson Nevada is awesome! Since day 1 he has been available to myself & my husband so responsive.
I have been suffering with dermatitis. It took awhile to get a definite diagnosis. Dr Jensen did a biopsy & confirmed.
The treatment has been challenging.
Finally I do trust we are on a path to eliminate this invasion .
I did have to text Dr… See more

from Donna in FL May 23, 2024 for Danielle Solomon Alhemovich, DO

The last 6 months have been my toughest ever. I am grateful for having Dr. Solomon as my doctor and friend! With her encouragement I’m getting over the sudden loss of my beloved husband of 66 years. I’ve started to take aqua exercise class in our pool daily. Today I resumed my playing golf, yes it was hot it was hot but the company was great. I feel comfortable with my place in my life. Thank you… See more

from Charles in VA May 17, 2024 for Nidhi Gill, MD

Dr. Gil is an excellent physician who spends the time to understand my issues and concerns. In several instances, she has provided the care and attention that perfectly addressed my needs. The office staff is friendly and helpful, providing outstanding care and support. I highly recommend Dr. Gil for anyone seeking top-notch wellness and medical care.

from Rosemarie in NJ May 15, 2024 for James P. Marlys, MD, ABIM

I met with my Doctor James P Marlys yesterday to review my annual wellness results. He went over all the test results and I am doing fine, but he wanted a review so I will try and follow the prompts to tell you. I rate my doctor Marlys at five stars.

from Wayne in VT May 14, 2024 for Keith W. Michl, MD, FACP

I had a MRI and before I could even get home Dr. Michl was calling with the results and an action plan. He had already contacted my heart doctor and together they had a great response.

from Sharon in TN May 10, 2024 for James D. Jones, MD

My husband had fallen off our basement stairs and had a traumatic brain injury. He was taken to a trauma center where we had never gone before. I listened to the trauma team explain what was taking place. Then I called Dr. James D. Jones to relay the message. He very calmly explained to me what was taking place and walked me through the big words I did not understand. It was so wonderful to… See more