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from Eloy in NM January 28, 2023 for Debra A. Fast, DO
Image provided by: Eloy

As a short-term patient (5/22) to Dr Debra Fast and MDVIP member, I feel a need to preface my story with these facts. I travel 9 months a year with a racing series and we crisscross the USA, 4 times during that time. I live full time in my motor home. I believe having the MDVIP network in tow, so to speak, provides a VERY valuable component to my health care. In addition, my home base is in… See more

from Gary in CA January 19, 2023 for Gerald M. Kovar, MD

Dr. Kovar has been my physician for many years. He has been an amazing doctor but I'm sure most people would say the same thing about their own doctor. What Dr. Kovar has that other doctors are lacking is Sarah Straw, his assistant. Sarah has always taken a personal interest in the practice's patients. She is kind, caring and knows what she's doing. While I in the hospital… See more

from Patricia in FL January 9, 2023 for Judith A. Moss, DO

I met Dr Moss 10 or so years ago. And she has helped me with very complicated health situations and I feel that without her personal touch I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am now.

from Mario in FL January 4, 2023 for John P. Lippelman, MD
Image provided by: Mario

It's what everyone expects (and deserves) from a physician; their time and personal attention. I've been with Dr. Lippelman for five years and he's never failed to give either. He adds to that his dedication to his field, his constant study of advances in medicine, and his long experience in caring for patients and all of that has equaled the best experience with healthcare I… See more

from Teresa in GA December 26, 2022 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

The team of Pamela, Barbara, and Reneta epitomize medical care at its very best. They are kind, generous, smart, and always welcoming. I feel like I've got the optimum mix of contemporary medical care and the old school, small town, attentiveness of a family doctor of yesteryear. I realize this is unusual these days, and I'm very grateful to have found them.
I will share this… See more

from william in MO December 23, 2022 for Kulnarin Gay Purcell, MD
Image provided by: william

over 20 years with Doctor, I will never change, I will either see her or no Doctor at all. This beautiful woman has saved my life several times in the last 20 years, sometimes even when I did not want to live.
Her practice and her staff truly care about me as a person as well as a patience. I wish there were words to describe her but none even come close to describing this gift to humanity… See more

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