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from Barbara in FL March 21, 2023 for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

The best thing about her. She listens and lean’s it to let me know she’ engaged. She seems to really care. Not only about my health but about me, as a person.
She works way to much. Sometimes I think she’s need someone to care for her.
Her staff is amazing. Caring, capable and great sense of humor. That’s really important with sickness around.
I always feel safe and welcome… See more

from Myrtle in TX March 21, 2023 for Kathi McCree, MD

My doctor takes time and really listens to my issues. She gives me excellent advice and goes beyond the usual duties of a primary care physician. It is absolutely worth the extra cost to be able to get in touch with her when I need help.

from JEFFRY in FL March 21, 2023 for Charles E. Lieber, MD, FCCP

I have seeing Dr.Lieber for many many years,long before he became an MDVIP Doc and I still use him for my Doctor today.He and the staff are fantastic.He always takes good care of me, and always orders labs and always follow up with the results.Hope he nevers retired.

from Katherine in OK March 21, 2023 for Susan Willard, DO

Dr Willard has worked with me and my health is much improved. She is a wonderful doctor and friend. Love her staff. They are very helpful. Very friendly. I can't say enough about her and all in her office. See more

from Mary in VA March 21, 2023 for Nidhi Gill, MD
Image provided by: Mary

Thank you, Dr. Gill! You took me as a patient 2 1/2 yrs. ago when I broke my shoulder. I have been grateful ever since. We had just moved to Ashburn from Delaware and I needed an internist. My orthopedist recommended you. My husband and I joined the MDVIP part of your practice and have benefited on several occasions. I am truly grateful for the complete physicals we receive each year. They are… See more

from Twyla in FL March 21, 2023 for Shannon S. Greer, DO
Image provided by: Twyla

I’m almost 80 years old and in all my years, I have never had such a wonderful, and caring doctor. I wouldn’t even consider another doctor. He takes his time with you and is completely supportive with what your needs are.

from Beverly in VA March 21, 2023 for Jeffrey N. Greer, MD

Dr Greer is without a doubt is kind, caring and extremely intelligent. I will soon turn 90 so I have seen many physicians and without any question Dr Greer is the best!!

from Patricia in TN March 21, 2023 for Edwin Anderson Jr, MD, FACP

My first visit to Dr. Anderson I was seventeen years old and I'm 56 now. He has always spent as much time with me as needed never feeling like I was rushed. If I call the office he always responds in a timely manner. He has helped me deal with and get through many anxiety and panic attacks. My most recent struggle was with my cholesterol. With help from Dr. Anderson all my numbers are now in… See more

from Hamilton in FL March 21, 2023 for Kit D. Kuss, MD, FAAFP

Dr Kuss is the first and only doctor I have seen voluntarily. I grew up as a marine corps dependent, we had no family doctor, no continuity of care. I was drafted during Viet Nam and joined the Air Force. In the Air Force, the flight surgeon was an excellent way to be placed on DNIF (duties not including flying). Have seen far to many good pilots fall to the conservative doctors. At 65 I aged out… See more