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from Tom in FL September 7, 2023 for Merit F. Gadallah, MD

I've been an MDVIP patient for several years and became a patient of Dr Gaddalah (Dr G as he is affectionately called) four years ago when my wife and I relocated to Naples. I've been very satisfied with my relationship with Dr G. He and his team are very responsive and live up to the high standards set by MDVIP for patient care and responsiveness. Most recently I needed to speak with Dr G about… See more

from Kristin in HI September 2, 2023 for Gerald H. Watanabe, MD

I am going on my 2nd year with MDVIP in Honolulu with Dr. Watanabe. He is very attentive with me, spends ample time going over my health, my health issues, and my lab results. He is open to hearing about treatments he may not be familiar with. And he is good humored besides - very important to me. His staff is excellent as well. They make appointments with specialists for me, send in… See more

from Cynthia in FL August 31, 2023 for John P. Lippelman, MD

As a retired RN, I have encountered many MDs. I must admit that after meeting Dr. Lippelman, I am so impressed with his caring nature, knowledge, ability to actively listen, and his follow through performance. His office is one that emanates warmth, respect, and efficiency. I highly recommend this practice. Anyone choosing Dr Lippelman is making the best investment in his/her quality of life!

from Cheryl in OH August 18, 2023 for James M. Hochwalt, MD

Along with being a kind, caring and non-judgmental physician, Dr Jim is candid, forthright and honest in his assessments. He genuinely encourages patients to implement solid strategies for improving their health. He is also mindful of your physical and mental health. Few physicians will take the time and energy to do that. You feel like he really listens and hears you. And, he’s a true gentleman…

from Ann in MD August 10, 2023 for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

I have switched to a new MDVIP office because I moved from Delaware. I needed some documents to send to my new MDVIP doctor. Olga took care of it within 5 minutes of receiving the request. Her service to Dr. Scott Hammer is always the best you get. It takes so much stress off the transition process. Many thanks to Olga for her help today.

from Ann in MD August 10, 2023 for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

I moved to Delaware and encountered several health problems. My daughter encouraged me to seek out Dr. Scott Hammer for guidance. He was the first doctor to listen to my whole condition and believe that I was suffering from something that was difficult to diagnose. He considered every possibility as he patiently listened. Such dedication is so appreciated when one does not feel well. Scott Hammer… See more

from Charles in DE August 4, 2023 for Andrew Myers, MD

When I first met my physician, we discussed my current health and issues that I had in the past. One of those concerned a small mass that was discovered some years ago that was on my thyroid. Previously, it was determined that the mass was benign. However, my physician wanted me to have an ultrasound. Subsequent to the ultrasound, it was discovered that the mass had grown 2 centimeters. My… See more

from Katherine in HI August 2, 2023 for Samuel E. W. Johnsen, MD

I am 72 years old. My husband of 20 years and I returned back to Hawaii in November 2022, after residing in WA. for 6 months. We have Medical insurance through my husband’s retirement plan. Back in July 2022, I was diagnosed with a lower lumbar stenosis. Which came with the most excruciating pain that I never experienced in my life. Getting help with the pain (meds) is very difficult in WA. The… See more

from Thomas in VA August 2, 2023 for Chun Hong, MD, PhD

Five years ago in high heat while weeding and not drinking enough water I had a brain bleed. I got into a nearby pool. I seemed to be ok on a trip to take courses at Hillsdale College in Michigan, but I dragged my left foot. When I got back to Fairfax, VA, my MDVIP doctor, Chun Hong MD, sent me for a brain scan at Reston Hospital. They rushed me into brain surgery, and it took over a month of… See more

from Noel in NY August 2, 2023 for David A. Kamlet, MD

I look back over the past few decades with great admiration and appreciation for the relationship that I’ve had with Dr Kamlet. We all age and in that process have to make decisions that impact our health and even survival. It was a fortunate day when a close friend of mine suggested him as my primary care physician in NYC. Through the intervening years until this very day, he’s been aiding my… See more