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from John in FL March 31, 2020 for Keith Rubin, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Keith Rubin for more than 14 years. He is a very helpful through Doctor. He takes the time you need for each appointment.
When you are in his office for a visit you know that he is paying attention to all of your needs. He explains your test results in detail.

from Juanita in GA March 31, 2020 for Reginald S. Fowler, MD

Dr. Fowler is more than a doctor! He is also a Friend! He cares for his patients like they are his personal friend or family member.
His medical advise and expertise is not limited to his office visits but he is available after office hours via his personal phone to answer questions of any medical concerns. It’s like having your doctor right beside you at all times!
Dr. Fowler’s… See more

from Mary Jo in UT March 31, 2020 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon is one of the most caring, professional, talented and giving doctors my husband and I have ever had. If you are privileged enough to have her care for your mind and body, you are truly fortunate. Even though this salute is a day delinquent, we wanted to show our love and support to her and her fabulous team! Mary and Jim

from Adonna in AL March 31, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

Dear Dr Winston,
Thank you for your support both medically and emotionally.
I remember when I received a letter that told me I had cancer. I had no cancer doctors, my gynecologist didn't want to talk to me because she didn't know all of the details of my particular cancer. Being diagnosed with the "Big C" is bad enough, but not being able to find a doctor to… See more

from Shonnie in UT March 31, 2020 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

I know that I can count on Dr. Hanlon to respond to my medical needs with her own expertise, as well as to draw from the medical community resources necessary to keep me healthy. I am grateful to her for her great counsel and constant attention to my medical concerns.
Thank you, Dr. Hanlon!

from Ray in FL March 31, 2020 for Raul E. Tamayo, MD

The main thing I am pleased with is Dr Tamayo is available
I had infection in my mouth that was very painful I called Dr Tamayo on a Sunday morning he FaceTime me and told me what it was and prescribed medication
I was able to get my prescription that same day and was feeling better shortly after
Being available saved me a lot of pain
Thank you Dr Tamayo

from Dan in NE March 30, 2020 for G. Gilbert Head, MD

Dr. Head has been my primary doctor for over 20 years, and has seen me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and Dr. Head was there from the beginning to the end of my 18 month cure. I lost my wife to cancer in 2011, and again Dr. Head was there all the way to offer support and sympathy during another difficult and trying time.
As much as… See more

from MaryAnn in OK March 30, 2020 for Brent W. Laughlin, MD

It has been my pleasure to have Dr.Laughlin. As physician and part of my family!
He was there for family members as well as for me for years!
He was there when I suffered Congestive heart,and TIA.p
He is concerned and compassionate toward all patients! He even. was sympathetic when my sister had to put her precious cat down.
He listens at tentavely and answers questions… See more

from Michael in CA March 30, 2020 for Paul B. Sogol, MD

He is absolutely a fabulous physician. He is very through an caring. I would happily refer him to my friends.

from Susan in MD March 30, 2020 for Daphne Stamos Keshishian, MD

Dr. Keshishian is the most dedicated and caring doctor that I have ever had. Aside from being knowledgeable and thorough, she always focuses on my wellbeing. The best example I can think of is a recent event. My husband was diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks ago. I called Dr. Keshishian and we discussed my next steps. This was on a Friday. She called me two more times over the weekend to… See more

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