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from Marilyn March 20, 2019 for C. Calvert Dodson III, MD, FACP

I am writing about Barbara at Dr C Dodsons office in Birmingham Al
She has been my friend and health helper for many years
Last year I coded blue after surgery and was brought back by some wonderful Drs
To say I was very bruised and very down and scared is only the beginning
I had no family members but Barbara was there for me
She brought me a robe-saw to my needs… See more

from JoAnn March 20, 2019 for Frederick L. Bishop, MD
Image provided by: JoAnn

Nia at Dr Bishops office has been so kind to me. It would be hard to isolate just one thing. Its her whole demeanor. Shes a very caring and intelligent person plus shes funny. I have the highest regard for Dr B & his entire office. Hats off to an exceptional group of people.

from Barbara March 19, 2019 for Adrian Sheremeta, MD

Michelle Godbee The nurse in Dr.Adrian Sheremettas office is sooo attentive and caring! I have been a patient for years,She has always gone above and beyond what is expected!She truly is an asset to MDVIP Thankyou

from Katherine March 19, 2019 for Stephanie J. Shell, DO

Able to reach her anytime which is a real good feeling. That helps a lot when your feeling sick and not sure what to do better than ER .

from Fritzie March 19, 2019 for Richard A. Berg, MD

Our family has known Dr Richard Berg since his early years in practice. He has always been a concerned, easy to talk to, brilliant physician.

from Avel March 19, 2019 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

My husband and myself regularly receive fantastic medical treatment, referrals, medications and lastly a wonderful presence when we are in urgent need. Dr. Sarah Stapleton makes that happen. Her staff Patricia, Natasha, and Laura have worked with her for many years and are as reliable as we could hope to have care for us. Dr. Sarah was our Dr. prior to MDVIP and ever since, at least fifteen years… See more

from Rebeccar March 18, 2019 for Patricia Estrada, MD, FAAFP

I was a former patient of Dr. Patricia Estrada. When she went to MDVIP I elected to go to another physician. The primary care physician I chose was a good physician but I felt like there was no personal connection. Dr. Estrada takes her time with you & treats you with respect & kindness. She is a fantastic physician & I am so glad I went back to her!

from Kellee March 17, 2019 for S. Steven Kim, MD

Dr Sungwook Kim is very attentive & knowledgeable. Home has a gr at person nality. He is always available for me.

from Julie March 17, 2019 for Kathi McCree, MD
Image provided by: Julie

Dr. McCree has been my doctor for 28 years. I love her calm and soothing manner. She is always easy to talk to and straightforward with her advice. Im so glad she has joined the MDVIP group. It is so much easier to get in to see her.

from Naomi Lynn March 15, 2019 for Kevin M. Gil, MD, FAAFP

Being available and listening is the beginning. Following through is the middle. When you have a physician who is an advocate, knowledgeable and confident that he/she can help you have someone who can really provide the care you need.
Dr Gil is a truly caring and capable care provider.

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