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from Joanne in NY May 4, 2023 for William M. Healy, MD

Having had multiple medical procedures and dealing with hospital staff that ranged from great to pretty dangerous it has been refreshing to have a doctor that consistently listens and shows respect and responds so quickly to any problems. It is a privilege to be under Dr Healy's care. See more

from Michael in PA May 3, 2023 for Marc Kress, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Kress since his practice began. I find him to be candid and helpful always. He will always spend the time to explain something to you. I am proud to follow him on his journey into a new phase of his practice. Don’t know what I would do without him.

from JOHN in MO May 2, 2023 for Laurie D. Senol, MD

After my near fatal A-Fib 6/2/2018 My cigarette was a PACK a WEEK (2-3 day) cocktail 1.5 oz Dewars Scotch & water w/twist 4/week...and glass of FINE Cabernet with dinner for the last 35 years. After that decaf or water or nothing.
Dr. Bauer chief of cardio gave me story about ALL smoking...some day after a victory or defeat I will crave a smoke, light up and take a deep pull and inhale… See more

from Ruby in DE May 2, 2023 for Kenny Khoa Vu, MD
Image provided by: Ruby

Dr, Kenny Vu is the kindest doctor I have ever had. He advises you on what should be done to have a healthy life. He sends weekly e-mails about health that can help you have good health. He offers you a chance to attend health-related events, the foods you eat, or exercise to keep in shape. He answers all the questions that you may have. Great personality and treat you as if you were in his… See more

from Elizabeth in TX April 28, 2023 for Elizabeth Y. Boehme, MD
Image provided by: Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Boehme is an amazing, kind, compassionate, extremely dedicated and outstanding Doctor whom I have used for well over thirty years! She is always reachable and she is very brilliant with her knowledge. She took care of my mother for well over twenty years and she loved her also. She knows what is going on with your health at all times and has many extensive teams of professional… See more

from Steve in PA April 27, 2023 for Matthew Kulka, DO

So you may ask who is Dr. Matthew Kulka? Well he is the Best of the Best in Central Bucks. Knowledgeable, caring, always has time for his patients, and focused on their long term well being. He has an easy manner which puts people at ease as he discusses and suggests a better path to good health. Then the next time you see him, he will ask about what you have been doing about the previous… See more

from Rita in OK April 24, 2023 for Christopher Edge, DO, ACOFP
Image provided by: Rita

I loved my internal medicine MD, we called him “ Dr. “B”, he was a great person and Physician/Friend. The community mourned our loss.
I was becoming lost in navigating the HealthCare System and I am a MSRN who did 40 years of nursing. Boy , If I am lost I thought; what about those people who haven’t had any healthcare training. Wow! This Healthcare System is changing so fast and only for… See more

from Virginia in DE April 23, 2023 for Robert Kopecki, DO

My daughter found Dr Kopecki out of sheer desperation for what was plaguing me, and no one knew what exactly it was was plaguing me. That was the problem. I was at a loss from months of feeling less than stellar and nowhere near myself. I was on the edge of giving up. What we found after hitting locked door after locked door, was a man who didn't give up on me and perservered in trying to… See more

from Rickey in FL April 20, 2023 for Alberto Castiel, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Rickey

My my name is Rickey Calloway I'm 70 years old, I thought I was doing all the right things until I inrolled into your program at MDVIP and met with my Doctor, Dr.Castiel. After my second visit I'm very excited about the future. I had almost given up because of suffering as you become older and it's difficult getting up each day. now I get up excited trying to eat the right foods exercising and… See more