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from Kathryn January 17, 2019 for Sharon A. Scanlon, MD, FACP
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I switched to MDVIP and Dr. Scanlon a couple of years ago because I felt that I was not getting the kind of medical care I wanted. I was seeing a number of specialists, but no one was keeping track of what the other was doing, and I was afraid that something would fall between the cracks. Now, I feel that there is one qualified medical professional overseeing all of my medical care. If I am sick… See more

from Alan January 15, 2019 for Arnold L. Goldstein, MD

I have known Dr. Goldstein since high school. I was able to have him join a new practice in the late 70s. I have been a patient since that time. I followed him when he joined MDVIP. Arnold has always been an exceptional physician. Sensitive to all of his patients needs. I have a 45 year career in healthcare and have had contact with hundreds of physicians. It is not only the physician , but also… See more

from Jane January 13, 2019 for Robert L. Schubert, MD

I was disappointed when Dr. Trotter retired but decided to give Dr. Schubert a try. It has been a very wise decision. One latest case in point is when I returned from a trip with severe leg pain. At my visit when returning home Dr. Schubert focused in on my problem (a bad disk) and sent me for an MRI that day. They next day I was contacted by his referral to a spine doctor and had an… See more

from Stephen January 6, 2019 for Greg Flippo, MD

Dr. Flippo and his wife run the most excellent office I have ever visited. They go above and beyond at all times. They have a very knowledgeable staff. I broke my neck last March. I was in the hospital but the flippos continued checking on me daily even though it wasn't their job at that point. Dr. Flippo and his wife make MDVIP worth the extra expense. See more

from John & Margaret January 5, 2019 for Frederick L. Bishop, MD

Dr. Bishop has been my and my husbands physician for 34plus years and he has kept us healthy. His knowledge of elder patients medical concerns is vast and his diagnosis is sound he actually gets what it is like to be challenged as we age. Gives the appropriate advise each and every time.

from Janice December 25, 2018 for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Dr. DeAtkine became my mother's doctor when he arrived in Birmingham. At that time I did not fit the criteria for his practice. As a matter of fact, MDVIP made it possible for me to join Dr. DeAtkine's practice. What a lucky day that was for sure.
I signed up the first day possible and have been his patient ever since. Dr. DeAtkine is the quintessential doctor. I am SO… See more

from Cynthia S December 24, 2018 for Anthony T. Duany, MD

Awesome Doctor and staff! Who are always available and cheerful. I received a complete unhurried examination with a complete explanation of every detail! I could not be more pleased. Follow up appointments and tracking of my needs has been a seamless process. I really appreciate the professionalism blended with personal attention that I am receiving through Dr. Duany's care. See more

from Marsha December 18, 2018 for Charles E. Lieber, MD, FCCP

I am very happy to have changed to Dr. Lieber and the MDVIP office. I think this very positive experience rates 5 stars!

from George December 9, 2018 for Claudine M. De Dan, MD

After being with my other Dr for 35plus years. It has been a pleasant surprise with my new MDVIP Dr. My last visit she spent over 45 minutes with me just making sure my concerns were being met. Her questions and depth of those questions shows she has really taken an interest in my well being. Welcome to MDVIP DR DE DAN

from Judith December 6, 2018 for Allen Sonstein, MD

Dr. Sonstein is the best!!! I am a retired RN and I have always been very particular about any MD that my husband or I would ever trust our medical care with. Both my husband and I started seeing Dr. Sonstein in 2005 prior to my open heart surgery. At that time I had a feeling that I was getting worse cardiologically. My cardiologist that I had had for decades had just retired and I went to the… See more

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