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from Patricia in MD January 4, 2021 for Kevin M. Gil, MD, FAAFP

It is not an overstatement to say that I cannot imagine life without you as my doctor. I found you after enduring months of a badly managed bout of sciatica, and I never looked back. Having you be the one to manage my care for the few minor problems I have had since then was a gift, and one that I am so sorry to be losing. You are smart and personable, you have an excellent bedside manner, you… See more

from Philip in FL January 2, 2021 for Brian K. Kaplan, MD

I am writing you this to let you know how one of your Doctors turned a potential nightmare, into one of the best outcomes any person could hope for. This summer, I was in the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge. One night while sitting next to a fire pit roasting marshmallows with my friends and family, I started having sharp pains like never before in my lower left side of my abdomen, I couldn… See more

from Ken and Marcia in PA December 28, 2020 for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

We had a bit of a scare today when an extended relative who was about to come to our home, learned she was possibly exposed secondhandedly to covid. We called Dr. Spencer's office and asked for their advice. He set aside an appointment time for them to come to get the rapid test. Dr. Phillips himself met them outside at their car and administered the test. What an amazing gesture of… See more

from Hershel in MD December 24, 2020 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

A while ago (pre-covid) i was on vacation in California with my wife and i had a cold and a bad cough. I called Dr Lou in the morning on the weekend and he texted back right away that the phone service is not so good at the beach where he was for the weekend so he contacted me from a different phone to get me a prescription. I had forgotten about the few hour time difference and apologized but he… See more

from Amazoncom in PA December 22, 2020 for David H. Verbofsky, MD

So I had my annual physical today - less than a week before a VBB: Very Big Birthday. But after seeing Dr. Verbofsky, my trepidation about becoming a septuagenarian has evaporated! He shared lab work, told me what it meant... and encouraged me to keep up my good habits, while easing out of the not so good. By the time my visit was over, I was feeling young and very much in charge of my health.… See more

from Marsha in PA December 17, 2020 for David H. Verbofsky, MD

After more than 20 years my primary care physician retired. As someone with a serious long term illness I was understandably anxious about a new relationship. Dr Verbofsky has gone way beyond my expectations as he has been extremely accessible and so well prepared to discuss so many aspects of my particular medical issues. I just want to say a great big thank you.

from Maxine in NY December 15, 2020 for Jonathan S. Lown, MD

Dr. Lown never fails my husband or myself. We have been with him for 17 years. Besides being brilliant, he is compassionate. He is a doctor that take the time to understand our needs. Understands the patient. No matter what we have been thru, he is always at the end of the phone explaining what to do. Besides the fact that life is so more difficult, I do feel better that Dr. Lown is the doctor in… See more

from peter in NY December 13, 2020 for Mark D. Wasserman, MD

I met Dr. Wassermann when I was starting 7th grade back in 1975 and I needed a sports physical for school. He would be on the sidelines for every game and has been my doctor ever since .. 45 years is a long time!!!!
He has always been my "go to" guy whenever I had a question about my health!!!!! At age 40 due to family history he recommended i have a blood test taken .. ( PSA)… See more

from Cynthia in TN December 10, 2020 for Gary R. McDonald, MD

Many years ago, I met a young resident in my critical care unit, named Gary McDonald. From his bedside manner to his critical thinking skills, I recognized that this physician was a great one! Over the years he has continued to affirm my first impression! Later, he was the doctor on call as my grandmother languished on a step-down unit. His compassionate care for her & the family… See more

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