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from Carol B in WA April 9, 2024 for Gary H. Kato, MD

I cannot say enough about my primary care becoming an MD/VIP. I remember when I got a voicemail from him and asked to return his call. I thought he was retiring or going on from being a part time professor at the University of Washington to a full time professor. My heart sank. I was thrilled to find that he was becoming an MD/ViP! The proof is in the pudding! My health improved so significantly… See more

from Richard H in MD April 8, 2024 for David Leichtling, MD

I appreciate my new doctor ordering a test to show a inactive pancreas here to for not revealed to doctor or to patient. My wife and I need more medical service to rate the service received adequately.

from Paula in SC March 31, 2024 for Tracy M. Timony, MD

This happened over 10 years ago but I will never forget the experience. I had been an MDVIP member for less than a week when I stumbled into a nest of infuriated wasps on a Friday afternoon. Parts of me swelled up into a convincing impersonation of the Michelin Man, and my spouse was all set to haul me off to the emergency room, but first I thought I would just try calling the office of my newly… See more

from Jim in CT March 31, 2024 for Matthew Velsmid, MD

I was referred to Dr. Velsmed many years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Doc is a very patient oriented person who truly cares about his patients. I have been through some difficult times over the past 2 years and Doc was always there to support me. He is truly the best

from Carolyn in NY March 31, 2024 for Anthony L. Luciano, MD

There have been many times throughout the years of my husband’s and my association with Dr. Anthony Luciano when he went above and beyond the normal scope of patient/physician care. The one that’s foremost in my mind occurred after my husband’s diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis. After tests confirmed the rare condition, Dr. Luciano met with us in his office, outside of office hours, and spent an… See more

from Norma in TX March 31, 2024 for Xavier J. Munoz, DO

I have known my Dr. Munoz, for 23 years and would never change to another Doctor. He is very caring, has a lot of knowledge.I have too many medical conditions and he has been with me through all of them. I feel if he hadn’t diagnosed some of them I wouldn’t be here anymore. He’s very patient n is willing to hear my problems. I would highly recommend him.

from Charlotte in VA March 30, 2024 for Malak K. Isaac, MD

Dr Isaac has changed my life! It took years, but I finally found a doctor who listens & cares! My husband wasn’t well for a few years….because he was elderly, most doctors just wrote him off! Not Dr Isaac….he actually came to our home to see my husband! This man is not only a great doctor, he is a caring, thoughtful, kind man! He is understanding & not only indebted to his oath, but truly… See more

from Dana in CA March 30, 2024 for William J. Grimm, DO

There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to have Dr. Grimm for my Primary doctor! He is very astute, organized, kind, always patient with me and making sure my medicines are not causing any negative reactions. He is very easy to talk with and has been extremely reassuring during my difficult time. Five stars are not high enough for him. I absolutely feel so Blessed Dr. Grimm is my… See more

from Soledad in TX March 30, 2024 for Max Peralta, MD

I want to thank Dr Max A. Peralta for being not only my personal physician but a good friend that besides my health problems he also listens to my personal questions when I have one.

from William in CA March 30, 2024 for Pedro L. Cajator, MD, ABFM

i honestly don't know where to begin because there are so many great things i have to say about my doctor, so here's a few. It's very important that you have a really great doctor based on your circumstances. My Doctor knows i go through so many different problems and deal with so much pain on a day-to-day basis yet he still finds the time to make me laugh and cheer me up when i'm not doing or… See more