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from Christine in FL May 12, 2022 for René F. Cruz, MD

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Cruz and his amazing staff. Dr. Cruz’s office is the exception to the healthcare norm. I feel like a person rather than a number, and I always receive the best care. From the moment I walk in the door I have a pleasant experience, which is unique to this fast-paced healthcare industry. Madeline, at the front desk, is always a joy to see. Whether… See more

from Robert in NM May 12, 2022 for Mark J. Stevens, DO

This person is an assistant to Dr. Stevens. She is always professional, helpful and cheerful and helps to make each visit enjoyable. I highly recommend her.

from Sam in VA May 5, 2022 for Herb King, MD

I spent much of my life being more reactive than proactive to health care. This would have been different for me if I had experienced at a younger age the care and consultation I have received from Dr. King and his staff, especially Lauren, over the past decade. When Dr. King advised he was going to associate with MDVIP, there was no hesitation on my part to continue with him as my Primary… See more

from Nanette in OH May 1, 2022 for Edward Y. Chang, MD

The 1st time I met Dr Chang he was new in the practice. I was 32 and I had been been a patient with this practice since I was 12 yrs old. My doctor was out that day so they put me in with Dr Chang. I had been experiencing problems for over a month and my doctor had referred me out to a GI doctor who found nothing abnormal so he referred me back to my PCP. Within 10 minutes Dr Chang had figured… See more

from John in TX April 30, 2022 for Ashley Stiegler, MD

I am an MDVIP patient of Dr. Ashley Stiegler, and I highly recommend her for two reasons. First, she is highly focused on wellness and proactively preventing future health problems. Second, she was very helpful to me on a recent Sunday when I was out of state and facing a heart procedure with a cardiologist I had never met. Dr. Stiegler’s texts and calls with my wife and me were invaluable at… See more

from Elaine in FL April 24, 2022 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

From the time I met Dr. Pinsky in 2002, he has been a blessing and life saver. Since becoming a MDVIP physician, I love the time he spends listening and assessing during each appointment. At times he's a "sounding board" as I feel overwhelmed with what life brings my way especially since a rear end motor vehicle accident last August. Both my husband and I continue to struggle… See more

from Joan in FL April 21, 2022 for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

Dr Guerrier has been our family physician for about 38 years. He has been the most dedicated and caring physician I could possibly imagine. He walked with us through the death of my husband… among other difficult times including acting with immediacy when my son had an appendix in the middle of the night. He called ahead to the surgeon who arrived when we did. My son was in surgery within an hour… See more

from Katherine in CA April 18, 2022 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

I switched to Dr. Rai after struggling for three months with chronic abdominal and back pain. After undergoing multiple tests, scans, and procedures, I still didn't have relief from pain or a diagnosis. I felt that each doctor I saw focused on their expertise but I didn't have anyone managing my total care. When I met with Dr. Rai, he listened carefully and took into consideration all… See more

from Gloria in NJ April 15, 2022 for Dr. Joseph T. Morandi

My journey with Dr. Morandi began before he joined MDVIP. I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my first physical. He was very understanding and I made it through surgery, chemo and radiation. Over the years he has helped me through many illnesses. He and his staff have always been courteous and understanding. This friendly, courteous atmosphere continued after he joined MDVIP. I kept him as… See more

from Edward in FL April 3, 2022 for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

I moved from Kentucky to St. Petersburg in October 2020 and was astonished at how slow it was to maneuver medical issues do to the number of elderly seeking medical assistance. When I suddenly developed difficulty breathing in mid November 2021, it took almost 45 days to diagnose the problem was pulmonary emboli and further astonished that my physician at that time would not accept any… See more

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