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from Lynne in AZ September 28, 2022 for Mark M. Medeiros, MD

I have been with Dr. Medeiros, MD, Family Medicine, for over twelve years. It is not an exaggeration to say he has saved my life more than once. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for him. He sees things others may have missed. I have specific examples where he saw something another physician overlooked and he took immediate action. He is an excellent diagnostician and a great listener. Dr.… See more

from Diane in TX September 23, 2022 for Ashley Stiegler, MD

My experience with Dr. Ashley Stiegler and the MDVIP program has been excellent. Dr. Stiegler has been my primary physician since about 2004 when we first moved to Austin. When she switched to the MDVIP program, I felt healthy and didn’t think my health required any special attention so I searched for a replacement Primary Physician. I did not have any success in finding someone that I felt… See more

from Leslie in NY September 22, 2022 for Anthony Ragusa, MD, FACP

Just would like to give kudos to Ann Tremblay, Dr, Ragusa's nurse and right-hand lady. I can't say enough about the support and care I receive at Dr. Ragusa's and particularly from Ann. It's been a rough couple of years what with Covid, I didn't get it, and taking care of my 97 year old father who passed in November,2021. Ann is totally tuned in and connected with her… See more

from Connie in NJ September 16, 2022 for Ralph Costa, MD

Our family's conversation can often turn to personal health concerns, and the current choices in medical care. For six of the members of our family, which includes my husband and I, we all simply reiterate the same statement, "the best decision we have ever made was selecting Dr. Costa as our primary physician". For me, he connected the dots! My struggles were numerous, but today, 9 years later,… See more

from Robert in HI September 15, 2022 for Erlaine F. Bello, MD, MS, FACP

Dr. Bello has been my primary care physician for over 20 years now and has provided me with excellent care as well as giving me good advice. I trust her and am happy to count her as my doctor. She pays attention to details and doesn't hesitate to provide advice and further professiional checkups with other doctors.
I really hope to have her as my doctor for many more years. See more

from Richard in ME September 14, 2022 for Joel Keenan, MD

We are more than pleased with Dr. Keenan. He is really focused on providing us the best medical care and attention to our overall wellness. We are particularly impressed with his self-confidence in saying he doesn't always know the answer but will surely find out. We have also been very impressed with the MDVIP program and particularly how it is applied by Dr. Keenan. The annual wellness… See more

from Bill in MA August 24, 2022 for William B. Holgerson, MD

I just wanted to commend Maria Carpenter and her team at MDVIP Dr. Bill Holgerson for outstanding communication and client service. Maria always goes out of her way to helpful with every request and need I have, ALWAYS cheerful and energetic, and never fails to accommodate any change I have, or connect me with any resource I need. She really can be a miracle worker, which is hugely important to… See more

from Isabelle in DE August 5, 2022 for Carmelo DiSalvo, MD, FAAFP

I went to Dr. Disalvo office for the first part of my physical. I mentioned I had a cough, sore throat and general malaise. Due to Covid restrictions I was asked to wait in the car. Nikki Trujillo came out with the strep test and did a great job taking samples. Later, she arranged for me to see Dr. Disalvo who diagnosed me with pneumonia. Nikki was totally cheerful and very professional… See more

from Shirley in FL August 4, 2022 for Donald L. Blackmon, Jr., MD

I have been through the most difficult times with my health since 2016. My husband and I can honestly say that we do not know how we would have been able to get through these difficult times without Dr. Blackmon's excellent medical care and concern. He has gone above and beyond what we could have expected and we are truly grateful for our physician/patient relationship with Dr. Blackmon He… See more

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