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from Lisa February 17, 2020 for Bruce S. Bashline, DO

We have had such a good experience at Bashline Family Practice. When we arrive, we always feel like an extended member of the family. The office staff, nurses and Dr. Jody remember us and show they care. It has been such a personal experience, and so different from the last practice we went to where we felt like a number. We could not be more pleased that the focus is on making positive… See more

from Thomas February 17, 2020 for Orlando Fonseca, MD

I had been taking blood pressure medication for about 30 years before I visited Dr. Fonseca. The side effects from these medications were not pleasant. After a complete physical and extensive blood work, Dr. Fonseca changed my medications. One medication (Clonidine) was extremely hard to completely withdraw from. Dr. Fonseca literally talked me through this withdrawal at times and told me what to… See more

from Christine February 16, 2020 for David J. Borchers, MD
Image provided by: Christine

For a couple of years, I had been having diverticulitis attacks. My doctor, David Borchers, treated me with antibiotics until he felt I had had too many attacks and needed surgery. I felt I needed surgery as well as the last attack I had had really scared me. Dr. Borchers referred me to a surgeon in our area. That surgeon said he didnt think surgery was the answer. Dr. Borchers I then sent… See more

from Patsy February 15, 2020 for Beau B. Pittman, MD
Image provided by: Patsy

I've been seeing Dr. Pittman for many years. He is close to my residence and is easy to drive there. He is a kind and compassionate doctor and I trust his ideas
and suggestions for my health. He and I are very compatible and share many
opinions about our beliefs and other important issues! See more

from Joyce February 15, 2020 for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc

I had a routine mammogram and was told I needed a biopsy. It was malignant and before the day was out, Dr. Barreto had called me and she gave me her recommendations for a breast surgeon and an oncologist. I met with both her recommendations and was very pleased and proceeded treatment with both of them. Dr. Barreto has made this time in my life a lot easier and has given me peace of mind. I… See more

from Chrys February 15, 2020 for Samantha H. Goodman, MD

Dr Goodman is a very Caring doctor she takes her time and explains and listen to her patients and comes up with a plan to help her patients I will recommend Dr Samantha Goodman she love what she does awsome Job Thank you Dr Goodman what you have Done for me and my Husband. I couldn't do this without you . See more

from Ruby February 15, 2020 for Orlando Fonseca, MD

I have been a patient of Dr Finkelstein for nearly 25 years and currently 10 years as my MDVIP. He is knowledgeable in every facet of my health issues - was instrumental in getting me immediate contacts with a cancer doctor when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When my husband passed suddenly one weekend from sepsis, Dr. Finkelstein, (who was also my husbands doctor) met with me and offered… See more

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