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from Joanne in VA May 24, 2020 for W Philip Morrissette III MD

I am late filling this out but I just want to say how much we appreciate Dr Morrissette. He & his staff are always there when we need him.
My husband was admitted into the hospital in February. He has Parkinson’s & the fever from Influenza Type A caused him to become immobile. Dr Morrissette repeatedly checked up on him & was totally responsible, in my view, for the good care he… See more

from Harry in NC May 23, 2020 for Michael Bienenfeld, MD

I have trouble reconciling myself to my gradually declining physical and-to be truthful- mental capacities. My bucket list has included sky diving (checked off 3X), scuba diving (aortic stenosis),... Dr. B never fails to give to do research and give me encouragement and good advice with a chuckle.

from Phyllis Kay in FL May 21, 2020 for Douglas E. Weiner, MD

Dr. Weiner is the best! I have been in his care for many years. He and his staff are always there for me. I have a very confident feeling knowing he is my Dr.
His kindness and care can never be replaced. Don't ever leave See more

from James in FL May 20, 2020 for Douglas E. Weiner, MD

Approximately 3 years ago I was not feeling well. I went to Dr. Weiner and he ran some tests. Next morning he called me and told me to go to the ER. Without going into specifics, I had surgery and was home in a week. Dr Weiner saved my life. He was also my mom’s doctor and he always had time for her until her passing in 2014. When my wife and I were advised that Dr. Weiner would become an MDVIP… See more

from Douglas in FL May 15, 2020 for Andrew E. Schlein, MD

Dr. Andrew Schlein is extremely knowledgeable and very calm and caring. He definitely puts us at ease, no matter what is going on. Dr Schlein is very responsive. He answers phone calls and texts readily. We truly feel we have gotten outstanding help and advice since we joined, and we are in better health and feel confident about our situation despite an extensive medical history. We are… See more

from Timothy in TX May 12, 2020 for Maneesh N. Patel, MD
Image provided by: Timothy

During my visit to a specialist Dr. Patel's report was reviewed. I asked about the information in the report. The specialist said it was excellent and that Dr. Patel is very thorough. See more

from John in PA May 11, 2020 for Frederic S. Becker, MD
Image provided by: John

I have been with Dr. Becker and his staff since 2004, well before he became part of the MDVIP network. I don't believe I would have joined MDVIP if it wasn't for Dr. Becker. I didn't want to lose Dr. Becker as my physician so I decided to join MDVIP. Looking back on that decision it's probably one of the best choices I've ever made.
I've been in the… See more

from Irene in PA May 11, 2020 for David DiPietro, MD

Dr DiPitro has been my doctor for the last 23 years. He was my husbands doctor too, before he passed 13 years ago. My husband was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. He was in the hands of a few cancer specialists but Dr DiPitro would call our home to check on him, which was very comforting. I have never felt so comfortable with my medical care as I have with Dr DiPitro’s VIP practice. My… See more

from David and Betty in PA May 11, 2020 for David DiPietro, MD

My husband had an issue one morning, and he called Dr. DiPietro. We left a message on his cell not knowing he was on vacation with his family and in a time zone earlier than ours. He immediately called back. We probably woke him up. Dr. DiPietro explained things which really helped my husband.
He always explains what’s going on with both of us and answers all questions (in people speak).… See more

from Cindy in TX May 11, 2020 for Ashley Stiegler, MD

Over the last 12 years, I have been seeing doctor Ashley Stiegler. Initially, when she sent out the letter notifying her patients she was joining MDVIP, I was somewhat disappointed and very concerned I could not afford the service. Quite honestly, i did not know what it meant. I made a few phone calls to the MDVIP customer service line to research what fees were included in the service, and was… See more

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