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from Patricia in MD November 23, 2021 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD
Image provided by: Patricia

There are so many positive things I could say about Dr Harry Kaplan. Allow me to share just a few.
1. A 4:00 a.m. nose bleed that couldn’t be controlled required a call to Dr K. He provided helpful suggestions and waited on the phone until the nose bleed stopped.
2. I suffered a concussion that affected balance, energy, blood pressure, and more for 6 months. Frequent visits to Dr… See more

from Roger in IA November 23, 2021 for Jeffrey Lenz, MD

I suffered a deep cut on one of my digits. Since I live about an hour and a half from my provider, I texted him my situation. Within 20 minutes I had a reply and a prescription waiting for me at local pharmacy. Extremely please with Dr. Lenz

from Dawn in DE November 12, 2021 for Katy E. Crowe, MD

I am one of the lucky ones that can call Dr Crowe and her staff and always receive prompt and professional treatment. My questions and or concerns are always taken care of. I am always made to feel welcomed when I call Karen and I always know Kelly will call to keep me updated on my prescription needs. Thank you to a great office!!

from Jeanne in MD November 11, 2021 for Jeffrey Magaziner, MD, FACP

I’ve had many exposures through mine and my own family’s health issues through the years to various illnesses and medical conditions, and I’ve learned to ask questions about diagnoses and treatments and options. Many physicians probably would resent my probing questions; but Dr. Magaziner wouldn’t..at least he wouldn’t tell me. Also, I’m a nurse and not always a good patient. I feel I’m doing… See more

from Francesca in NY November 11, 2021 for Robert Pintauro, MD

When I started seeing Dr Pintauro I was a mess. Overweight, bad acid reflux, heartburn, stomach issues. I have never had a doctor that was so thorough or spent the time to really get to know you. Two years later I’m feeling so good. Still have work to do but I’ll get it done with docs help.

from Betty in MD November 11, 2021 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

I've been using Dr. Kaplan for 17 years and it's the best decision I ever made. Not only is he an excellent doctor but a wonderful person. He is so intelligent, listens to everything you have to say, always has the right answers, kind, compassionate, caring, and not only a doctor, but a friend. He makes you feel like you are the only one. I honestly can tell you, when I have to go… See more

from Carmen in MD November 10, 2021 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Dr. Kaplan is the most attentive doctor we have ever had. He responds to our ever-so-many concerns in very short order. He gives us detail results of all blood work, C-Scans, etc. We are very happy with his knowledge, bedside manner, and easy to talk to personality. HE CARES!!!! 

from Elyse and Louis in MD November 10, 2021 for Jeffrey Magaziner, MD, FACP

Congratulations to Dr. Maggaziner!!! He certainly deserves the recognition. Best Dr. ever!!!!! Always available when you need him. We are so blessed to have him to manage our health issues. Always the best.

from Rona and Jerry in MD November 10, 2021 for Jeffrey Magaziner, MD, FACP

Dr. Magaziner, Congratulations on the much deserved recognition as a Top Doctor. You are dedicated, caring, and compassionate. Thank you for the excellent care you have given us.

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