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from Sandy in SC October 29, 2020 for Nancy M. Netter, MD
Image provided by: Sandy

I’ve known Nancy for over 13 years now. She was my physician for several years before she became affiliated with MDVIP. Dr. Nancy Netter is always available to me when ever I need her. For example I was on vacation two weeks ago and one of my prescriptions got messed up at the pharmacy. I called her at home after hours and she took care of it immediately! Not many people can say that about… See more

from Matthew in FL October 28, 2020 for Nicholas J. Garcia, DO

Dr Garcia was the MDVIP doctor for my wife and I. He has been kind and considerate. Although he is younger than us he was very caring and considerate to our health needs. My wife passed in April but she really liked Dr Garcia and thought highly of him. He has been considerate and understanding to my needs during my grief. Thanks doc!

from David in NC October 24, 2020 for James S. Parsons, MD
Image provided by: David

I met Dr James Parsons at a rehab I was in December 2015. He accepted me as a patient. I found was a Geriatric & Internist Doctor. I am 71 year old and I feel I am very blessed to have him as my primary care doctor.
I feel I can go to him about any problem I have and he will do his best to help me. He is about my age and he knows how it feels to be a senior.
I really don't… See more

from Victoria in DE October 20, 2020 for Zeina Jeha, MD, MPH

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeha for many years. I’ve had many medical issues during our years together and if she can’t help me, she will absolutely find a specialist that can. Your Primary Care Doctor is so important. When she joined MDVIP, there was no decision to be made. Of course I joined. She has a great staff and I trust Dr. Jeha 100%. She is so smart and she makes sure that you… See more

from James in SC October 12, 2020 for Tracy R. Barefield, MD

Dr. Tracy Barefield and her staff Shirley and Maggie have been so caring, informative and they are my peace of mind ! I am so greatful to have these professionals taking care of myself and my mother! I could not ask for better care for all my health care needs!

from Anita in NC October 9, 2020 for Lawrence S. Carter Jr., MD

CHRISSY TANNER: When I moved from San Antonio, TX to Hickory, NC I was very concerned about finding a new Doctor. I had been receiving the most wonderful care from the Military Doctors at the Air Force and Army Clinics and Hospitals. I did some research and decided on Dr. Carter at MDVIP. I was somewhat nervous when I went for my first visit. However, when I walked into the office and… See more

from jodie in DE October 7, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

We met Dr. Schaeffer when our son rotated through his office from Jefferson Medical School. Another connection is that Dr. Schaeffer was a Navy doctor. Dr. Schaeffer was interested in our sons' challenges with a young family and military deployments to Afghanistan and Somalia. Dr. Schaeffer is a very knowledgeable professional who cares about his patients. See more

from Rosemary in DE October 7, 2020 for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Rosemary

After my husband died nearly five years ago, eating my favorite things was a comfort. What wasn't comforting was the 20 odd pounds I put on in the following years. With the encouragement of Dr. Hammer who told me about the diet meal plans for 1 on the MDVIP website, I was able to stick with a diet during the lockdown and subsequent weeks of the pandemic and I have lost that 20 pounds. His… See more

from Toni in TX October 6, 2020 for Amy Thomas, MD

My mother is 98 years old. She was exposed to Covid by one of her caregivers. Dr. Thomas came to my mother’s home to test her for Covid. My mother made it through the 14 days without symptoms. After the fourteen day waiting period was over, Dr. Thomas came back to my mother’s home to give her a flu shot. Dr. Thomas is an outstanding physician!!!!

from Don in DE October 6, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

I don't have a story ... but it is refreshing to go to the doctors office ... at your appointed time and be in with the Dr. Shaffer within 10 minutes
He is extremely good at his job ... and always puts me at ease
He is a credit to is profession
I am a busy President of a company and I appreciate .. he caring about my time See more

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