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from Peter February 24, 2018 for W. Blake McGowan, MD

Dr. McGowan (Blake) is simply put the best physicians experience that you can imagine. when was the last time you had a conversation with your doctor? How long was it? 5 minutes?, 10 minutes? My last visit with Dr. McGowan was 45 minutes of conversation and 10 minutes of all the other medical necessities. Why 45 minutes? Because I had questions, lots of them. So with total patience,… See more

from B Keith February 23, 2018 for William E. Rigsby, MD

I am here today due to the Good Lord and Dr. Rigsby. I was having chest pains and went to see a cardiologists. He did a nuclear stress test and I was told there was not any problems. I continued to have more chest pain, so I called Dr. Rigsby.
He stayed after hours to see me at his office. After checking me over, I heard him tell a different cardiologists over the phone that he needed him… See more

from Al February 23, 2018 for David B. Dornfeld, DO

I have known Dr. David Dornfeld, DO for quite a long time, I have been his patient since the mid 1980's. For that I am very fortunate. Much of the useable knowledge and motivation to focus on maintaining and improving my health came from information Dr. Dornfeld has shared. Dr. Dave as he welcomes being called by those who know and applicate him, will explain that he sees his role as a… See more

from Jackie February 21, 2018 for David R. Carver, MD

Dr. Carver & his staff are amazing! When you go in for an appointment its like theres no one else there. Dr. Carver listens to his patients & thats a luxury these days. I will continue to keep my MDVIP membership up as long as the good Lord allows me a way to pay the monthly dues. Its worth every dime!!

from Carol February 20, 2018 for Sarah Morris, MD, FACP

Dr. Sarah Morris is the best doctor an absolute angel. I called her after having some chest pains at 10 pm on a holiday. She promptly made arrangements for me to go my local hospital emergency room and stayed on top of everything until I was released the next day. Later on in the year I called her at 6 am on a day she was going on vacation. Again she made emergency room arrangements for me and… See more

from Wendy February 16, 2018 for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

I'm happy to have found Dr. Phillips and MDVIP. Over the years, I'd lost faith in a system that has been unable and/or unwilling to put the patient first. That faith has been restored. I chose to leave the practice of my last gen prac when I made a wellness appointment and indicated I had a few things I wanted to discuss and her response was we'll see if we have time. For me,… See more

from RODNEY February 16, 2018 for William E. Rigsby, MD


from Nancy February 16, 2018 for Richard J. Hempel, MD

I am writing this for my husband as he has alittle trouble with words at the moment. Long story short, my husband found out through unfortunate circumstances that he was born with Hydrocephalus. He lived his life never knowing this and as of last year this became an issue. Dr. Hempel listened to all concerns we both had and addressed them all. He has had several medical issues arise this year… See more

from James February 16, 2018 for William E. Rigsby, MD

I'm a senior citizen with a very complex health situation. My previous physicians always set up my appointments with a NP so I never really developed a close relationship with the MD. During my initial visit with Dr. Rigsby he changed my medications to more economically feasible alternatives that saved me approximately $300 per month. I was also very impressed with his depth of knowledge… See more

from brett February 15, 2018 for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

Dr Heidrick is the best he was my doctor before mdvip. I had my mom sign up ,she is also very happy with the Mdvip experience.

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