Enroll Your Company

Sign Up for MDVIP’s Executive Health Program

The process of setting up an MDVIP Executive Health Program for your company is easy. After you’ve connected with James Wood, head of our program, MDVIP will enroll your company into our Executive Health Program.

From there, just submit a list of employees who are eligible for this new corporate health benefit. We’ll help you distribute welcome communications that explain the program to those eligible employees.

Your employees will select their preferred physician, and their new physician will contact them directly to set up appointments.

MDVIP will provide ongoing customer service for your employees, and we’ll provide ongoing support for you and your company along with Wellness Program participation reporting.

Learn more about how MDVIP’s Executive Health Program can help your company. Fill out the form to the right or call us at 1.844.393.6070.


MDVIP’s Executive Health Program is a benefit that can help you attract and retain key employees. More importantly, it can help you keep those employees engaged on the job.