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MDVIP’s Executive Health Program Receives Top Ranking

Worth Magazine ranked MDVIP's executive program as a top program for women.

MDVIP’s corporate account members already know the benefits of a top-flight executive physical paired with a personal doctor who they can reach 24/7. The word is spreading among the business press, too. 

Worth magazine recently ranked MDVIP’s program as one of the seven top executive wellness programs for women. The magazine highlighted MDVIP’s national network (1,100 physicians and growing), its conveniences and its tailored screening for women. 

A top 7 executive wellness program for womenDr. Andrea Klemes, MDVIP’s chief medical officer, told the magazine: “Our patients will go through a host of different screenings and sit down with their doctor for one to two hours, several times a year. The doctor helps them enact the best health plan, all year long.”

This is not the first time MDVIP’s Executive Health Program has been ranked by Worth. When the publication ranked MDVIP as a top 10 executive medical program a few years ago, the magazine highlighted MDVIP’s large network of physicians, its travel benefit and its same- and next-day appointments — benefits that aren’t typically available or included in executive wellness programs. 

top 10 executive health program

“We’re honored to serve our female corporate members and provide them, and all our members, benefits that no other executive wellness program in the U.S. can offer,” said James Wood, head of MDVIP’s Executive Health Program.

MDVIP has been offering its Executive Health Program to small and large companies for more than a decade. Those companies value the program for its convenience and flexibility and for the peace of mind it gives executives knowing that they have a partner in their health whenever and wherever they need one. These are many of the same reasons why magazines like Worth continue to recognize the MDVIP Executive Health Program.

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