A Day in the Life of an MDVIP Affiliate

Imagine What Your Day Could Be Like in a Smaller Practice

If you didn’t have to operate under the constraints of a volume-based primary care practice, your work day might mirror a typical office day for an MDVIP-affiliated physician that looks like this:


Patients in Dr. Steve Wilson's Redlands, California practice enjoy a different kind of primary care. While Dr. Wilson cares for his patients' ailments, he also offers them opportunities to really engage in wellness — from organic gardening classes to cycling and walking groups that meet frequently and encourage patients to take control of their health.

  • You’re able to see 8-10 patients a day and proactively impact their overall well-being and quality of life, allowing time for follow ups and treatment advice.
  • Appointments run on time, your patients don’t have to wait and you’re not rushing between exam rooms.
  • Each patient gets your undivided attention and the appropriate amount of time so you can help them reduce or prevent the risk of disease and complications.
  • You have more time to perform annual physical exams, so you can delve a little deeper, thoroughly explain results, and make specific nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle recommendations important for behavior change.
  • You have more time to coach patients on lifestyle modifications that can lead to better chronic care management.
  • Not only can you stay on top of medical advances, but you also have time to incorporate them into your treatment plans.
  • You have time in your day for professional interests, researching challenging cases and consulting with physician colleagues.


It's really helped me be a better doctor.

Mary Jane Dylla, MD | Saint Helena, CA

I thought I was the best doctor. I thought I had great relationships with my patients. Boy, the relationships have changed. I worked really, really, hard prior to becoming an MDVIP physician. Seeing 25 to 30 patients a day and trying to stay on time. I really did. I prepared a lot. Those little short appointments, you do not get to know your patients. The emotional bond now between my patients… I've learned so much about my patients that I thought I knew and I didn't. It's really helped me be a better doctor.



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