A Day in the Life

Imagine What Your Day Could Be Like in a Smaller Practice

If you didn’t have to operate under the constraints of a volume-based primary care practice, your work day might mirror a typical office day for an MDVIP-affiliated physician that looks like this:

  • You’re able to see 8-10 patients a day and proactively impact their overall well-being and quality of life – instead of squeezing in 20-25.
  • Appointments run on time, your patients don’t have to wait and you’re not rushing between exam rooms.
  • Each patient gets your undivided attention and the appropriate amount of time so you can treat the whole person, not just the issue or symptoms that brought them into the office.
  • Listening, answering questions to patients’ satisfaction and educating them and their families are part of every visit.
  • You have more time to perform annual physical exams, so you can delve a little deeper, thoroughly explain results, and make specific nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle recommendations important for behavior change.
  • You have time in your day for professional interests, like reading the journals on your desk, researching challenging cases and consulting with physician colleagues.

  • You devote more time to advocate for your patients and help them navigate the frustrating complexities of the healthcare system.
  • Not only can you stay on top of medical advances, but you also have time to incorporate them into your treatment plans.
  • Instead of just writing prescriptions for chronic illnesses, you have more time to coach patients on lifestyle modifications that can lead to better chronic care management.
  • You can follow up with patients and encourage them to adhere to your treatment advice and medications and help them reduce or prevent the risk of disease and complications.
  • You can provide more comprehensive care to a smaller number of patients versus the constant struggle of having barely enough time to meet the immediate needs of thousands of patients.


It's really helped me be a better doctor.

Mary Jane Dylla, MD | Saint Helena, CA

I thought I was the best doctor. I thought I had great relationships with my patients. Boy, the relationships have changed. I worked really, really, hard prior to becoming an MDVIP physician. Seeing 25 to 30 patients a day and trying to stay on time. I really did. I prepared a lot. Those little short appointments, you do not get to know your patients. The emotional bond now between my patients… I've learned so much about my patients that I thought I knew and I didn't. It's really helped me be a better doctor.



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