What Physicians Love About MDVIP

Benefits of Practicing as an MDVIP-Affiliated Physician

Members of MDVIP-affiliated practices highly value the difference in their care made possible by a closer doctor-patient partnership. In turn, our affiliated physicians experience a rewarding life – professionally, personally and financially.

When you become part of our family, MDVIP will restore your love of medicine because you are free to do what you do best: help make meaningful improvements in patients’ lives. And because we believe you deserve the same kind of care you give your patients, as an MDVIP affiliate, you’ll have time to practice what you preach and reach your own wellness goals.

We support you throughout the life of our relationship, beginning with your transition into the model, through your years as an MDVIP affiliate and continuing to your transition out of practice when you’re ready to retire.

Why Physicians Love the MDVIP Primary Care Model

  • Independence and control of your destiny – you practice medicine on your own terms.
  • Smaller practice means more time for your patients who need it – you’ll get to know every person even more than you do today and build on the relationships you already enjoy.
  • An unhurried, stress-free office atmosphere that your patients and your staff will appreciate.
  • Help patients achieve improved health outcomes and avoid hospital admissions and visits to the ER or urgent care through more advanced testing, early intervention, and a focus on prevention and wellness.
  • Intellectual stimulation from being able to research complex cases and provide patients with options and education.
  • Time to stay abreast of the latest medical advances and technologies that you can apply in your practice.
  • Assist patients needing highly specialized care or second opinions with referrals to some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities through MDVIP’s Medical Centers of Excellence program.
  • Tap into the expertise of prevention-minded MDVIP colleagues coast-to-coast.
  • Shape the future of primary care by participating on the MDVIP Medical Advisory Board or special task forces.
  • Give back - whether it’s through teaching, volunteering or doing medical mission work, you’ll have time to pursue worthy causes in your local community and beyond.
  • Take advantage of medical practice operational benefits, which include an array of support services and discounts exclusive to the MDVIP national network.


With the MDVIP model, you can actually live the dream

Tim Cummings, MD | Atlanta, GA

Somewhere along the way you had a dream about being a doctor. Then, over time, we dream the dream but we don't really live the dream. In some ways we give up on it and we accept a much lower life of a doctor, a much lower level of patient care because it's truly impossible. What I've seen with the MDVIP model is you can actually live the dream.





Is your practice a good fit? With 19 years of experience successfully transitioning practices to the MDVIP model, our team of experienced analysts will help you answer that question — at no risk or cost to you.