Physician Testimonials

What Physicians Are Saying About MDVIP

MDVIP strives to exceed the expectations of our affiliated physicians and members. Delivering a personalized service experience is core to who we are; that’s why we regularly measure satisfaction, renewal rates and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

The positive feedback MDVIP receives annually from both physicians and patients far surpasses similar rankings in the healthcare industry. Patients’ satisfaction with their membership, their relationship with their MDVIP-affiliated doctors – and membership renewals – consistently exceed 90 percent. Physicians feel proud to be part of the MDVIP network, and 93 percent consider MDVIP to be a high-quality organization.

Using responses to a single question – “How likely is it that you would recommend MDVIP to a friend or colleague?” – affiliated physicians give MDVIP an average NPS rating of 60 (on a scale of -100 to +100). Similarly, gratified patients give their MDVIP-affiliated doctors an NPS rating of 87. These numbers, while outstanding, only tell part of the story. Anecdotes about changed lives are best told by a sampling of our affiliated physicians and members who’ve experienced the MDVIP difference.

I would never go back.

Stephen Glasser, MD | Baltimore, MD

Having gone through the transition, I would never go back. Mine and my patients’ satisfaction is at a premium. My frustrations and patients’ frustrations have been eliminated. As proof, nearly every patient who has experienced this model of care has re-registered for continued care. The 24/7 coverage is a pleasure, not a burden, and my patients don’t abuse it. Patients who join do so because they value this care.

I’m a better physician now.

Michael E. Stevens, MD | Scottsville, AZ

Over the years I have learned information about my patients, but when you have 45 minutes to sit down and have a genuine conversation with them, you really do gain more knowledge about their health. I’m now able to discover things about my patients, both medically and as human beings. The deeper connection I’ve been able to develop with them allows me to better address their needs as their physician.

This is going to work for you.

Louis B. Malinow, MD | Baltimore, MD

If MDVIP says this is going to work for you, this is going to work for you. It’s going to rejuvenate that dormant love for medicine that we all still have lurking in there.

The patient-physician relationship is better.

H. Lee Kagan, MD | Sherman Oaks, CA

Before switching to the MDVIP model, I felt as if I was racing through my day, perpetually behind, struggling to give everyone the attention I thought they deserved. Now I have the time to give all of my patients the ‘VIP’ treatment. The pace is relaxed and inevitably the quality of the patient-physician relationship is better.

Jonathan B. Berger, MD | Boca Raton, FL

Everything MDVIP said they would do, they did. I feel like a physician again. I have more time to talk with my patients, better assess their problems and follow up when necessary. I’ve learned things about my patients that I never knew after several years in practice. I make a difference in my patients’ lives. I’m less stressed at the office and I have time and energy to be a better father and husband. I now remember why I became an internist! I’m able to practice preventive care the way I was trained to. I have control over my life again.

You have control over your situation.

Donald Barber, MD | Glendale, CA

MDVIP is about creating an environment where you have control over your situation, where you can provide a level of excellence you feel good about, and it’s great that you get compensated for delivering personalized care.

MDVIP has allowed me to develop more meaningful relationships.

Bruce Sachs, MD | Encinitas, CA

With two hours for a comprehensive evaluation, I now find even the most complex patients are far more manageable. My patients have an increased understanding of and pay attention to their conditions, which means more improvement and less frustration. Since I'm spending more time with patients, they seem more motivated to put more attention to their health. MDVIP has allowed me to develop more meaningful relationships with my patients, and in turn, provide for their improved wellness. That is why I became a physician.

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