Program Benefits

An Executive Health Program that Delivers 24/7

How important is your leadership team? Could you do without one of your top performers for a week or longer due to illness?

Helping your executive team stay healthy can help your company’s bottom line. That’s why corporations, from Fortune 500 companies to boutique businesses, partner with MDVIP and its national network of physicians to offer their key employees an executive health program and year-round primary care.

Our national network of primary care physicians offers a top-10 executive wellness program (similar to an executive physical), year-round care, same- and next-day appointments and a personal doctor available by phone 24/7/365.

When you sign your executives up for membership in an MDVIP-affiliated practice, they will take part in the MDVIP Wellness Program, ranked by Worth magazine as a Top 10 Executive Wellness Program. Similar to an executive physical, it includes a comprehensive risk factor analysis, advanced diagnostic screenings and extensive laboratory testing to assess heart health, diabetes, nutrition and fitness, weight management, sleep, respiratory health, bone health, emotional well-being and hearing and vision.

Unlike most executive physicals, the MDVIP program also includes year-round care, if so desired, with an MDVIP-affiliated physician who has the time to address the results of testing and really get to know their patients. MDVIP-affiliated practices are limited in size to no more than 600 patients. All this means your executives will receive individualized care, and their doctors won’t be working from a single snapshot of their health—they’ll have the knowledge that comes with continuity of care.

Your team will also enjoy conveniences not included in most executive health programs or found in most primary care practices today:

  • Same- and next-day appointments
  • No-wait appointments
  • A doctor they can reach 24/7.

If your employees need second opinions or highly specialized treatment, MDVIP also assists its affiliated physicians in facilitating referrals to leading institutions through a national network of renowned Medical Centers of Excellence.

A National Network

MDVIP Affiliate Map

MDVIP has more than 1,100 affiliated physicians across 45 states and Washington DC. So if your company has multiple locations, you’ll be able to provide your executives with the MDVIP Wellness Program in other markets.

Your executives or other key employees will also receive help when they’re on the road. Their physician can help arrange care with another MDVIP-affiliated doctor if available, or with another local physician, pharmacy or medical facility.

Best of all, MDVIP’s Executive Wellness Program can be tailored to your company’s needs. You can offer MDVIP memberships as an employee healthcare benefit that is completely covered, partially covered or optional. Employees can also choose to keep their current doctor and still take advantage of having an MDVIP-affiliated physician for their annual wellness services.

Learn more about how MDVIP’s Executive Health Program can help your company. Our team will handle your inquiry—from exploratory conversations to onboarding to ongoing customer service. Fill out the form on this page or contact us at 1.844.393.6070.




MDVIP’s Executive Health Program is a benefit that can help you attract and retain key employees. More importantly, it can help you keep those employees engaged on the job.